tirsdag 9. august 2011

Few altered projects and sprays.

Been making a few altered projects.
Did a video to show the flower one,
but dh's pc died and took the video with it. =(
So just gonna have to wait until I can
order my new cam to do the videos again.
Well here are the altered projects:

This altered box is one that we are gonna give to dh's aunt.
She is so kind to lend us her house this weekend.
Cause we are taking the little one to this swimmingpool place =)
Not really sure what to call it in english, cause
it isnt a spa, but a place with a pool and stuff where kids gets to play =)

This is a gift box. Don't know who for yet.
But one day it will end up in someone elses house =)

This is my box. Totally love how this turned out.
And totally loooooove I Am Roses.
They are wonderful to work with.
So gonna place an order as soon as I got the cash to do so =)
If you havent checked them out, then go look =)

These are the sprays I made.
So much fun seeing how they turned out.
Gonna do a tutorial on these as soon as I get my new cam.

Thats all from me for now.
Hope you like it and see you back here soon =)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Fun projects! So creative! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great boxes! Nice details!


  3. WOW!! fabulous projects:) The box with the PK stamps too cute:) TFS


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