fredag 26. april 2013

Another owlhat made =)

My very pretty model is modeling
the last owlhat mommy has made =)
This is hopefully soon gonna be
picked up by its owner.
I think she might have forgotten I have it done =P

torsdag 25. april 2013

For Baby =)

Be WARE... Picture HEAVY

My "sister" (very good friend) had
a babyboy not very long ago.
And I made this diapercake for her
and the little bundle of joy.
Added to the diapercake is
a minialbum and a card I created.

Here is the diapercake I made.
It has alot of things on it.
It also has a crochet monsterhat
that I made for the little boy.
And a pair of booties I crochet for him.

Here is the minialbum I made.
I used some KinderstampO products,
and some I Am Roses flowers.

And last but not least the card =)
Really pleased with this,
it is simple but I think it turned out so pretty.
and some Lindys Magical Mica =)

Hope you like my project =)

Long overdue Lindy's haulvideo

A long overdue Lindy's haulvideo has finally gone up.
I blame forgetting to upload this on
having a babygirl that takes up most of my time =)

mandag 22. april 2013

lørdag 20. april 2013

Theme inspired Saturday at KinderstampO

This weeks inspiration:

So I thought this looked like a mom.
I remember as a kid when my mom would bake,
it was always such a joy to watch =)
So I decided to use the projects I made for my
mom and dads 50th birthday celebration
as this weeks theme inspired projects =)

First off is a fan minialbum I made for my mom:

This album was inspired by a fellow norwegian crafter on youtube.
Anne (xannero1) She does such amazing work.

There isnt any more detail photos cause
I felt the pictures was a tidbit to private =P

And then there is these miniboxes:

These also have their own video showing some of what I did.

Here is the video:

What I used:
KinderstampO Faux Rhinestones
KinderstampO Mini Shabby Chic Flower trim
KinderstampO Creative Chaos
KinderstampO Faux Rhinestone and Blossom Trim
Lindys StampGang sprays
Homemade crochet trim
Some stickles
I Am Roses leaves

søndag 7. april 2013

Another easteregg =)

This egg was made all for me =)
Well for my

This was painted the same way I
did on the other egg.
With white acryllic paint and
I blended in some magical mica in Baby Blue eyes =)

I have used some crochet flowers that I made,
and a crochet doily I made.
The flowers are from I Am Roses and
they have all been colored with Lindy's sprays
I have also used some KinderstampO products
And the pictures and sentiment is from Kort Og Godt
As well I have used distress stickles and
liquid pearls =)

fredag 5. april 2013

Some happy clothespins

I am making some decorations for my mom and dads 50th birthday =)
And I just totally love all the clothespins that
I have seen so many of you make.

Here are all the ones I made =)

Closeup of all the different ones I made =)

What I used:
* Lindys Starburst sprays in A Bit o'Bubbly, Fuzzy Navel Peach and Clam Bake Beige.
* Peachy Keen Happy Lashes face assortment
* KinderstampO Faux Rhinestone bling

Here is a video of my project.
It is done on my phone so it isnt the best.
Still trying to get my scraproom set up so I can start
doing proper videos again =)

Hope you like my project =)