lørdag 21. januar 2012

Just some nails =)

I have gotten the interest for naildesign back =)
Have been to busy to do anything with my nails for a long time
and now with being mostly seated in the sofa I have
time to do alot of things =)
I have always found nailart interesting,
but getting something done by a pro
over here... Costs a fortune =(
So I got into it a few years ago,
but there wasnt enough time to
do it all the time.

Well now I am back,
and with good tips from people
on youtube I can keep these for up to a week at a time =O
The only thing missing now is getting my
hands on some proper nailart brushes and
nail polish thinner.
Cause thats things that you dont find here =(

Well here are some of what I have done since
I got back into it =)

A spongetest =)

Black and white slanted french tip with bling =)

Watermarble =) (Now this is amazing fun, just need better polish)

My latest one, a simple frech manicure.
Not perfect cause my brushes are horrible.

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