søndag 18. mars 2012

Can you imagine.....

I sure can't...
Only 6 weeks left until my duedate.
6 weeks until I get to hold my babygirl,
cuddle her and smell her sweet babysmell =)
Unfortunatly this time around has taken its
toll on both me and hubby and of course on my
darling son who has to help me alot.
And now I am halfway banned from using
the pc to much due to carpal tunnel syndrome
and triggerfinger in three fingers.
But I am doing good considering.
I have already packed the bag for my little girly,
and my own bag is starting to get filled.

Still missing some things that we have
to buy but it isnt much.
And I know we will be able to
have it all ready befor she gets here.
I have a feeling that
this little girly will be here either
on the 5th of april or 15th.
So still some time.
But my duedate isnt until the 29th =P

Well thats all for now,
can't wait to get back to crafting again =)
But for now loosing feeling in my hands
are keeping me from doing much of it =)

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