søndag 26. mai 2013

♥♡♥ My Luminaries version ♥♡♥

So I decided that I really wanted to give the luminaries a go,
even tho I aint got the gel medium or stuff like that =P

But I did use some decoupage glue to seal in the glitter,
then added some white acryllic paint dotted on top,
and ontop of that again I added some stickles ♥

I really do like how this turned out,
and I will for sure be making some more later on.

Here it is ♥

This is taken with a flash to show the pretty prima flower =)
This is a flower from the Ohio postcard and flower box =)
In the middle of the flower I added a Kinderstampo flower =)
And there is a butterfly from the Vintage Trinkets I won at NSD ♥
As well as some I Am Roses leaves.
Homemade crochet doily
Some random trims =)
Here are some Panduro flowers and some Kort Og Godt flowers =)
This is taken without a flash so you can see it glowing kinda =P
The other side looks the same =)
Another prima flower. Afraid I cant remember where it was from.
As well as two Kinderstampo flowers =)
And I just had to try to do some liquid pearls...lol
Frank does such a magnificent job with those,
and I can not prefect mine if my life depended on it... =P

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