tirsdag 15. mars 2011

Some norwegian candy =)

Found some norwegian giveaways. So cool.
So just had to share them =)

Some lace, flowers, glue dots, chipboard and more.

Kristins lille blogg. Candy goes until the 31th of March at 7 pm gmt+1

Some paper, brads and more =)

Ingers fristed. Candy goes until the 27th of March.

Some papers and her own stamps =)

Vibeke Spigseth Poppydesign. Candy goes until the 1th of April (And it aint a april fools)

Some wonderful paper she designed for Inkido =)

Somle litt. Candy goes until 20th of March.

2 kommentarer:

  1. thanks for that you'll be in my blog candy:)

  2. Takk for at du deltar i blogcandyen min, det setter jeg stor pris på!


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