fredag 25. februar 2011

Just some more cards =)

Been doing some more cards today, since the weekend will be a slow
crafting weekend.
On friday, my little one is leaving to go be with his dad for over a week =( *Bleeding mommy heart* =(
And me and my fiance will be trying to get some us time =)
But on saturday me and my little sister have planned a BIG
Twilights night.
And this being chick flicks, my fiance would rather stay home.
So it might end up being a girls night =)
Well and.... We might get to chat a little bit about the stuff thats happening
here on my blog, hopefully soon =)
Cause my sister is a MAJOR part of the little surprise =)
And yes Janet... You will be one of the first to know =P
I will even send you a msg on facebook befor i post it on my blog =)
Well here are my cards =)
Hope you enjoy them.
Oh yeah if i find time i will be
But fiance first, crafting second. At least for the weekend =P

3 kommentarer:

  1. These are beautiful! I have given you an award on my blog!


  2. beautiful cards Lilli. I LOVE the vintage look!
    I can't wait to see what your surprise will be...since I know what you are planning muahahahaha =)

    Love ya! Hugs!


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