tirsdag 8. februar 2011

Only a little crafty time today =(

Today has been a long day.
Work first, then straight home.
Get some food in my body,
then off to John's school for a meeting.
There they could tell us that John is very good in school,
but he is struggeling some with his ADHD.
He keeps coming late for class and he can be angry.
So we talked about what we could do so he would come to class in time.
And since i am a crafter, i said i would make a little book for him.
Where he has all the schooldays in it. And when he gets
through a whole day without coming late,
he gets a sticker.
And we made some rules for him so he would want to be in time for class,
if he doesnt get a sticker one day, then he looses 5 krone in his allowance.
But if he comes home on friday and shows us a sticker for all 5 days,
then he gets 25 krone extra in allowance =)

Her is the little book =)

The front... With some Peachy Keen faces. John loves them as much as i do =)

The inside with the weekdays =)

And the back with his reward or consequence info. (Hope i wrote that word correct)

3 kommentarer:

  1. hope all goes well with your son at school. the book with peachy keen faces lift anyone spirit :P

    you won my action wobbles, please contact me with your adddress. my address is my blog's name at gmail dot com.

    thanks for hopping along,

  2. Great idea!!! and super cute with those PK stamps!!

  3. i got your addy but if you want to send it again and double check is right. it is up to you :)


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