tirsdag 21. februar 2012

My friend is having a giveaway =)

Check out my friends blog.
She is one amazing lady and I totally adore her
and her creations.
She is so worth a visit =)

Hello everyone,
Today is an important day for me, I stopped smoking 2 years ago
I left my best and faithful friend, after almost 20 years together !
Yippee, I'm so happy and proud of myself!
For this occasion, I organize my first Blog Candy

My friend Céline is having a giveaway.
So RUUUUUN on over to her blog and check it out.
She is ptitesmimines.

søndag 19. februar 2012

Couple of Mothersday cards =)

In Norway Mothersday falls on the second sunday of february =)
So I made a card for my darling mom and my wonderful sister =)
Totally fell in love with how these turned out =)

My mothers card:
Used some lace, some different ribbons and a flowertrim.
Flowers are all from I Am Roses =)
Totally loooove these flowers =)
There is only one like you and You are the best is from
KinderstampO "Friendship" stampset.

My sisters card:
A different kind of lace, some ribbons and a flowertrim =)
Flowers are from I Am Roses =)
Thank you for being my FRIEND and Best friends till the end... is from
KinderstampO "Friendship" stampset.

All flowers used are:
White Cherry Blossoms, S3--152
White Scrapbooking Curly Flowers, GS2-1
Small White Semi Open Rose Buds, T20-152
White Paper Flowers, R40-70
White Mini Paper Flowers, R4-15

And the leaves are:
Green Daisy Paper Leaves, ZQL4-1
Green Leaves, ZQL0-0

torsdag 9. februar 2012

Candleboxes (I Am Roses, Kort og godt and Kinderstampo)

Pictures will come...lol
I was just so stressed befor x-mas getting these done,
that I totally forgot to take photos.
So gonna get my friend to take a photo for me =)

My moms box.

Closeup of the KinderstampO vintage lettercharm and with a sentiment from "Friendship" stampset.