onsdag 21. desember 2011

KinderstampO Sketchy Wednesday =)

A really simple card today.
Alot going on over here and my scraproom
has been turned into a food storage =(
So it is freezing cold in there and full of food.
Well we need food for christmas so it is all good.
But it does make it a wee bit hard for me to get things
done on the scrapping side,
specially since this pregnancy has taken its toll on me.
I am almost 100% linked to the sofa =(
Hubby doesnt really want me to do anything
cause it hurts.
My wonderful hubby =)
Well enough about that.

Here is my simple card =)

I have used HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! from the Vintage Birthday
stamp set by KinderstampO.
And the butterfly is a Martha Stuart punch.
Used the scalloped square spellbinders die.
Really do think this card turned out pretty good
despite its simplisity =)

lørdag 17. desember 2011

KinderStampO's Ornaments, Ornaments and more Ornaments Blog Hop =)

Ohhhh you came here =)
Are you as excited as I am???
LOADS of ornaments to look at and loads of
wonderful things that one can win.

If you came here from Nicolette then you are on the right way =)
If you just happened to see this on my blog then hurry
on over to KinderstampO and join us in this wonderful hop.

I decided to make a simple ornament.
Used some dangly on the bottom and
the wonderful Merry Christmas from Vintage and Traditional Christmas
by KinderstampO

Here is a closeup of the rosette and the wonderful sentiment.
This set has made me fall in love =)

Oh yeah wanna win my ornament and a little extra something???
Then leave me a comment on the VERY best christmas memory you have.
I would love for you to follow me as well, but that is not required =)

So now jump on over too Susan and see her wonderful ornament =)

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onsdag 14. desember 2011

KinderstampO Sketchy Wednesday =)

I'm baaaack.
Well somewhat...lol
This time befor x-mas is so stressfull.
ALOT to do.
But hopefully it will soon calm down again.

So now we are back for another Sketchy Wednesday at KinderstampO.

This time I made a little gift for my hubbys aunt.
She was so kind to help us get our gifts
to his parents without it costing a fortune.
So I made this giftbag and filled it with some x-mas cakes.
Used From our family and Merry Christmas from
the Vintage and Traditional Christmas stampset =)

onsdag 7. desember 2011

RL Update =)

Our darling Jess is feeling under the weather
so this weeks Sketchy Wednesday is not gonna go up.
It will go up next week instead.

Here is a little update on my little one I wanted to share
with you all.
Today was such a GREAT day =)

We are having a girl. (Not 100% sure, but thats what she thought)

lørdag 3. desember 2011

Just a little RL update =)

I am still here, just SUPER busy for the holidays.
Cakes to bake and house to clean. Stress.....
But wanted to come on and show you all
that I have a little bit of a babybelly to show off =)

Really feel like I am eating to much cake =P
Well not really..hehe
And on wednesday we are having our ultrasound =)
Can't wait.
We have decided to know the gender this time =)=)=)
I am pretty sure it's a girl tho,
cause this pregnancy is so unlike the one with my son.

Well thats all, now back to our movie =)