mandag 28. februar 2011

Paperplaytime Challenge #40 Digital monday, anything goes

Last card of february 2011 =)
And I decided to make it a challenge card for Paper Playtimes challenge =)
Had sooo much fun coloring this bird from Doodle Pantry
This bird is just the cutest.
And I can use this for alot of different things,
birthday, new baby and alot more =)

fredag 25. februar 2011

Just some more cards =)

Been doing some more cards today, since the weekend will be a slow
crafting weekend.
On friday, my little one is leaving to go be with his dad for over a week =( *Bleeding mommy heart* =(
And me and my fiance will be trying to get some us time =)
But on saturday me and my little sister have planned a BIG
Twilights night.
And this being chick flicks, my fiance would rather stay home.
So it might end up being a girls night =)
Well and.... We might get to chat a little bit about the stuff thats happening
here on my blog, hopefully soon =)
Cause my sister is a MAJOR part of the little surprise =)
And yes Janet... You will be one of the first to know =P
I will even send you a msg on facebook befor i post it on my blog =)
Well here are my cards =)
Hope you enjoy them.
Oh yeah if i find time i will be
But fiance first, crafting second. At least for the weekend =P

onsdag 23. februar 2011

Double Tri Shutter Album tutorial =)

Since my darling friend Janet really wanted me to do a tutorial on this TriShutter Mini album. I decided since this is the videos I used to get into the whole Tri Shutter thing then i would feature these instead =)




The olny thing i have done different, is... On my last album,
my blue one.
I decided to make the papers for decorating a bit bigger, and then just cut them to size as i
fitted them to my album.

My measurement on that album is:

2 pieces 4x6
2 pieces 2x6
4 pieces 2x3
1 piece 4x6 This is the center one inside.
4 pieces 1,5x4
2 pieces 3x4
8 pieces 1,5x2
And my front piece is 4x5

Hope this gets you on your quest to make this album Janet =) Luvs ya =)

tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Peachy Keen Sketch Challenge 46 =)

Okokok I admit it.
I am in love =)
With my new canon printer.
I have been having so much fun these two days,
making my own paper, printing pictures and digi stamps.
And i am totally in love =)
Here is my submission to the Peachy Keen Sketch Challenge 46:

I totally love how this came out.
The pattern paper and the baby is printed from the internet.
And the stamp is one from the baby set i got from Agnes/Flowerdisco =)
So cute these stamps.

mandag 21. februar 2011

Paperplaytime Challenge #39 Technology

Finally got my head straight enough to figure out how
I was gonna do this challenge =)

And I have to say I am pleased =)'

The inside says it all =)

My fiance laughed when i gave him this.
I have been begging for and Iphone 4 for my morning gift after we get married.
And this card is so he will know what to get me =P

Folding crazy =P


My son, and my love =)

My sisters oldest =)

My sisters youngest =)

My sister alone on top and my sister and her daughter on the bottom =)

Ok I have totally fallen in love with this card =)
It is sooo addicting to sit there and flip it that
i just have to do it a little bit every day =)
And theese pictures are just so much fun.
They are from when we went over to my sisters house and took
the kids out skiing.
And they were having a blast =)

As well today i just wanted to let you all get to know me a little bit better =)
I am now taking a might big step for me, cause i am always so afraid of what others might think of me. But i decided that I really wanted to give you the chance to know me better. So if you don't want to, then just stop reading now =P

Well here goes nothing =)

So, I haven't been dealt the best of hands in life.
I want to warn you all right now this might sound as me sobbing...
But this is not a sob story, this is a story to show you that you can go on.
I am a survivor and i am darn proud to be who i am.
Ok starting from a very young age, I was so unlucky to be a victim of ambuse from someone close to me.
It even turned into a "love"affair, and i felt jealous that he would talk to other girls. I didnt know that what he did was wrong, even tho i hated every second of it. Well as time flew by and i learned to overcome my fear, i turned my experience into something positiv and decided to let this strenghten me instead of breaking me.

Then school came...
And i became the easy target, i never fought back and always told anyone that
i only had myself to blame.
I was not the prettiest of teens and i sure got to hear it.

At the age of almost 21 i had my son, the one that changed it all.
He came into my life and sent me head first into a deeeeep pit.
I had a depression from the pregnancy and this took controll over my life.
I was so unlucky to end up with my life tumbeling after a horrible hit.
Where my ex ended up in jail and the court case was aweful to follow.
Many tears fell to the ground in those days.
And i didnt really recover from it for many years.
I was close to loosing my son due to this.
I spent more time on my computer playing games then taking care of my son,
now 2 years of age.
But i got help!!!
My family came to my aid and childrens services started a biiig operation to
help me back to a normal life again.
And i did it.
I was strong and i pushed through.

I was so certain that this was it, no more could hurt me now...
Well how wrong can one be...
Me and my other half got attacked by his brothers,
while my then 8 year old son was a witness to it all.
We went through a horrible ordeal after that,
moving in 10 days and in those 10 days we still was in the house
i was sooo afraid...
I feared for mine and my loved ones life.

And now finally we can relax,
we are now living in a wonderful place.
I have my family close and they have opened their arms and
taken my other half in.
I thank the Lord every day for the luck of it all,
that because of everything that has happened in my life.
I am now finally at ease.
I have a man that i love, my best friend.
I have a son that makes me proud to be his mom, every day.
I have family that loves me for who i am.
Adhd, depression and angsiety with it.
And last but not least I now have this blog,
where so many wonderful people stop by and give me some love.
Each and every comment from you all is treasured.
And many times i feel like crying cause you are all so nice.

So now all i got to say is,
there is absolutly no shame in having problems.
Just know if you reach out you hand there will be someone out there
to grab it and pull you in.
Just give someone a chance.

søndag 20. februar 2011

Let there be action...hehe

I am totally in love. And my son was going totally nuts over this card...
See more in the video further down in the post.

Another Tri shutter album... So much fun to make. Love the way this turned out,
got more papers for making more of them as well =)

The video of the card and some of the album as well =)

lørdag 19. februar 2011

Liebster blog award =)

The lovely and creative OmaGloria has given me this wonderful award...
And i am just soooo thrilled to recieve this.
Today has been yet another great day.
And I am SOOOO happy i decided to start this blog.
I have been "alone" for so long, had my son and my fiance, but not many friends.
And now i have a world of wonderful peope out there sending me awards and
making me feel sooo loved.
I am always ready to cry when i see that you all think of me,
and that you like my blog and my work.
I might not be the biggest with leaving comments on blogs,
I am always so afraid of sounding stupid.
But i treasure every single comment i get on my blog.
I means the world to me.
Soooo i have to choose 5 people to recieve this award...


I sooo wish i could place you all here. But no matter what you all mean so much to me, and i keep a close eye on what you all do.

1) My friend Janet at Paperhoot She means sooo much to me, I have only known her for a month or so now. But I sooo wish i lived closer so i could meet her i person and give her a biiig hug =)
2) Carri, Abusybee/Double click connections. A lady whom i admire alot. Her creations are such great views for the eye =)
3) Gloria, Girlia's Cards. Always a nice comment at hand to give to someone =)
4) Jess, KinderstampO. I love watching her movies and she is an amazing crafter that i truely admire so much. She is such a great inspiration to anyone that wants to get into papercrafts =)
5)LAst but not least Tanner, Mr. Crazy Cricut. This fellow is just so amazing. He reminds me so much of myself when i was young. So full of life and so creative =)

OMG Such kindness... I am almost totally speachless

I got a little something in the mail today =)
And I am soooo thrilled =) Amazing lady over at Flowerdisco
sent me some stamps as well as the wobbles i won... WOW...

fredag 18. februar 2011

Been a crazy folder

Just wanted to give this card a try =)
So i started folding.
And a couple of hours later, this is the result...

First side:

Side number two:

Side number 3:

Last side:

This card is soooo much fun, i just can't stop playing with it.
It just keeps going and going and going and going =)

Adding this card into some challenges:
Digistamps4joy - Going sentimental
Peachy Keen - LFIF - Think Spring
Crafting with Christina - Interactive Card Challenge

And my son is gonna go bonkers when he sees this card =)=)=)

Double Tri Shutter Album and a little haul =)

Had to try this album out and i am in luuuuurve =P
It is so easy to make and looks amazing =)
Oh and just so it is said, I was allowed to shop...lmao =)
Well hope you enjoy my little video =)

tirsdag 15. februar 2011

Sooo exited and a giveaway =)

Ok... I am sooo exited... Big things will be happening here at The Crazy Cardmaker in the future =) I can't tell you all what right now.
Wanna be totally sure to get it all right befor I tell you all
my wonderful great news =)
Ohhhhh and Jaaaaaanet...
I will be sending your little something soon. Probably this weekend =)

Oh and the giveaway...
Jump on over to Victoria Scraps and have a look =)
You wont be sorry =)

A picture of her giveaway =)

mandag 14. februar 2011

Paperplaytime Challenge #38 Animal Print

Ok... I am sooo pleased with this card,
I might just never ever give it
Oh well i probably will but i think it came out stinkin cool =)

The zebra stripes is printed onto hot pink cardstock,
struggled quite a bit with getting this right.
As what we have is a lazer printer and it heats the paper to add the writing on it,
and it was maybe a little to thick cardstock.
But somehow i got it to work.
The skull I found online and printed, then colored with my glitterpens.
And the sentiment is just something i wrote on my pc =)

Hope you like my card =)

søndag 13. februar 2011

The Pink Stamper February blog hop challenge =)

Create something with the color black and your favourite color.
So my choice was really easy.... black and ..... PINK!!!
I love pink =)
Well here is my little card.

I just had to use this one from my Tinkerbell and friends stamps.
Well Tinkerbell isnt actually in this set herself,
but all her friends are.
And this one is just soooo me =P
And of course i had to test out my new distress ink.
So in love with distress inks and coloring with them.
The Pixie pals is also from the same stamp set.
And the whole card is just 4 x 2 3/4

And today i got to hear from my mom that my aunt and her were
talking about cards the other day, and my aunt was
wondering why they buy cards from the store at all =)
And i think that is cause they think i make pretty cards.
And that makes me so happy to think about =)

I got my mothersday gift and my early Valentines =)

Just wanted to show you all what my wonderful fiance
and my awesome son got me for mothersday =)

fredag 11. februar 2011

Creative Cutter Design Time Thursday Challenge #2

Decided to join this challenge. I had another box for nutmixes,
cause i went out and got the chocolate for my fiance for
Valentines. But i couldnt bring the box i had decorated to
the store and fill up, so then i got another one.
And i was so pleased with what the other one looked like
so i really wanted one for myself.
So i have done this challenge a little different.
I am gifting this to myself, for being me =)
And for accepting who i am and how i am.
And the ones that doesnt like me, doesnt deserve to know me =)

So here is the box i made =)

Focal side, with the love sign. In pinks and reds =)

One of the sides, both have the same paper. =)

Back of the box with the beautiful butterfly paper.
I am so in love with this paper.
I think it is called Jolie.
But someone in the states would know better than me,
since it was a gift from my friend Janet over at Paperhoot =)

The paper on the sides seems to be from the same series of paper =)

Wicked cool giveaway =)

Just have to tell you all about this amazing giveaway =)

Jump on over to Create n craft and join yourself =)

OMGoodness... The cold is so ummm...cold =(

Sitting here in my craft space trying to get through
some blog hops. And let me tell you... It is FREEZING outside =(
I do not care for cold much and now that my son needed the
heater for his room i have picked up my blanket to try to stay warm.
And eating kiwis to get all the good vitamins from it =)
We have around 5 farenheit here now and it is snowing heavily outside and a
horrible wind as well.
And that makes it even colder cause of the wind.
I am use to having about 5 farenheit outside every day,
but today was so much worse cause of the wind.
Thankfully i can stay inside since all shopping for the weekend is done.
All i have to do is drive to visit my mom on sunday,
since it is mothersday in Norway on sunday =)

Here is a little mothersday card i made
for my sons grandma =)

The image is a digital stamp from Create with tlc.

torsdag 10. februar 2011

Trying to improve on my distress coloring =)

I LOVE how this turned out.
I think it came out so cute =)

O M G omg so stinkin cool =)

Saw this guy over on my good friend Janets blog Paperhoot.
And my son, now 9 years old was jumping all over telling me
he wanted that. And when i got my cricut i had to make him one.
Then.... much to my surprise Janet could tell me this was a digi stamp.
No cricut at all =)=)=)
SOOOOO cool =)

So i got to work straight away, and this is what i made =)

Another sign for his bedroom
His door has now, no more places to have signs =P
But oh so he loves it.

onsdag 9. februar 2011

Peachy Keen Sketch Challenge 45 =)

My Peachy Keen Sketch Challenge entry.
This time around there is no twist.
So all you have to do is follow the sketch they have provided
and your good to go =)

I really like how this turned out. I really do like the little PKS-560
faces i decided to add to the ribbon.
Brightens up the ribbon I think.

What did i use?
A white cardbase 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
Designpaper is 5 1/4 x 4
Then i cut out half of a flower from another paper and added to it.
PKS-560 face on the ribbon.
And the ribbon is from Nille.
The for you is a small part of a bigger stamp from Panduro.