torsdag 21. februar 2013

Babygirl's owlhat

Yes I know this isnt a papercraft =P
But this is what I had the chance to do
yesterday and today.
My craftroom is still in boxes,
but we have at least made progress cleaning
out the room that will become my craftroom =)
So now all I have to do is move all my
things in there and unpack =P

Well here is my craft for now:

onsdag 13. februar 2013

Craftroom in the making....

Just wanted to come on to show you guys
my craftroom, or rather what will become my craftroom.

Yes I know there is alot of mess, thats what you get when you
try to find clothes after moving.
Just to realize you emptied a full garbagebag of clothes,
and it wasnt even the right
Well we have left it like that cause of other parts of the house
being more important to deal with...
Like my craftroom isnt important enough =(
I miss being able to sit down and craft....

So I decided I would give it a go today,
only to get a few things moved and then hitting
things that I couldnt even budge =/
So have to wait for hubby to help me.

Well here are my befor pictures:
 The white tall clothescabinet in the corner is
going to be moved into my sons bedroom.
He needs somewhere to keep his clothes =)
That little builtin cabinet thingy is where my little cabinet
will be stored to minimize the uptake of space.
Cause this is a small room.
My desk will be under the window to maximize the amount of
light I can use for when I do videos =)

So there is an update on my craftroom.
As for the rest of the house we are a work in progress.
I wont show any pictures of that befor it is