tirsdag 21. juni 2011

Just a little update =)

Yes, I am still alive...lol
Wedding was amazing.
Still trying to get everything packed out =)
So I will be mia for a little =P
But check out my chance to win a little surprise =)

Here is a little photo for you all =)

He sorta looks like "YAY, she's mine" =)

fredag 17. juni 2011

1 days and counting down =)

I am getting married tomorrow =O
Oh wow.
Am I ready... Not sure...lol
My nerves are sky high.
I just hope I get it all right.
Todays project is also another one
for my little one.
He joined in Tour of Norway for kids
when they were here.
He was a little unlucky tho and crashed =(

I havent done his little injury page yet,
but I will show you when it is done =)

torsdag 16. juni 2011

2 days and counting down =)

Oh my oh my...
Today is probably the only day I can relax a little.
But knowing me right there will for sure be something
that I need to do.
Gonna try hard to at least get a little bit of relaxation in.
But that is after work...lol
Work first at 4-7 then home =)

Ok todays project...

Todays project is actually for my little one.
These bookmarks is for him to give to
his classmates when school is out.
They say reading is learning.
And that is what my little one told me to write.

onsdag 15. juni 2011

3 days and counting down =)

Ohhh wow...
Going through everything yesterdat was so
strange, I just hope I remember it all.
Didnt get to bake anything yesterday
cause the meeting was so late.
But today after work, omg I got loads to do.
There is only 3 days left =O=O=O
Hopefully we will get ready.
Hopefully I will get to relax a little...lol

Well todays project:

A Z-fold weddingcard.
Found this type of card really hard to do.
Might just have to work on making it easier for myself.
But it turned out pretty =)
This is gonna be entered into Paper Playtimes Challenge 48.

tirsdag 14. juni 2011

4 days and counting down =)

A little quick project today.
Since today is really jam packed with things to do.
Iam now done at the dentist until after the wedding,
I just got home from work and now we are off to
bring all the booze to my moms...lol
And tonight we are going to see the priest and speak about
how things will work on our weddingday =)
And then it is home to bake.
OMG it's gonna be laaaate for me today =(

Todays project is for Simply Magnolias Sketch challenge =)
Love this summerly Tilda =)

mandag 13. juni 2011

5 days and counting down =)

Todays project is yet again me and my coloring...lol
Have totally fallen in love with coloring
specially now when I have Memento ink to use =)
It doesnt smudge =)=)=)=)

On this card I used Tilda with big bow.
Some Panduro flowers and a sentiment from KinderstampO =)
The rock, grass and sky is made with distress ink =)

And today is the very last of my sorta relaxing days.
Tomorrow we are off to buy alcohol for the wedding.
ALOT of it.
And then I got a dentist appointment =( (I don't like the dentist)
Then it is off to see the location where we are having the party.
Then off to see the priest and see how thing will work.
And then we have to go to my moms for a short visit.
But then it is home to bake some breadrolls.
OMG I just realized just how much I actually have to do tomorrow =O
Planning a wedding is hard work...lol

Oh yeah just had to show you guys this little girl.
She fell asleep =) Listening to the fishes =P

Well that was it for today...lol
As always if you wanna join me =)
Email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com

Oh yeah =)
I got something fun planned for my weddingday =)
Keep and eye out =)

søndag 12. juni 2011

6 days and counting down =)

And we are getting there.
Faster then what I would like,
but thats ok.
Just hope we get everything done =)
So today I have quite a few things to show you all =)
Some for my wedding and a little wedding card =)

Card first:

I have been having so much fun coloring lately =)
This digi is from Meljens Design.
Totally love her work.
So glad I found her.
And then this is an S-fold card.
Decided to make the little flap inside so that
someone could write on it =)

And now....
For my wedding projects =)

This one is for our weddingcake. Took me some time to get it done.
But now it is done and ready =)

And this one is what my flowers will be on =)

And as always.
IF you wanna join me on any of my last few days.
Just email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com

lørdag 11. juni 2011

7 days and counting down =)

Oh my goodness... Only a week left until I am a married woman =)
Time sure goes by fast now.
Tomorrow will be the big bakeday for me.
Maybe I'll do a picture for you all =)
Todays project is quick and easy,
since I am on my way to work shortly.
This one was so much fun =)

Tilda sending sweet wishes =)
Sentiment is from KinderstampO.
Background is Baroque die a Tim Holtz Alterations by Sizzix.
The lightpole is actually Tim Holtz Alterations Hardware findings =)
Colored with alcohol inks.
Butterfly is a Tonic punch.

fredag 10. juni 2011

8 days and counting down =)

Oh my goodness it is getting close.
I can really feel the pressure.
And I am still under the weather =(

Yesterday was an amazing day.
The weather was PERFECT, with at the most 36 celcius on our
porch. And 27 celcius in the shadow.
Little bit happy I was
inside at work when the heat was highest...lol

Well well.
Todays project is a little bit of everything...lol

Cardshape is the ornate #2 from sizzix.
And I totally love it.
Just know I am gonna use it ALOT =)
The background is cut with Tim Holtz Alterations the Baroque =)
And then embossed with a flower embossing folder than came with
brand spankin new cuttlebug...hehe LOVE it =)
Bird and cage is also a Tim Holtz Alterations.
And I used the drunken scotch technique on it.
And omg how much fun that was =)
Thank you so much to SMScrapper for her cool tutorial on that.
Leafs are Primas, big flower is from Iamroses, and small roses
is from Panduro.
Sentiment is another of the totally perfect stamps from KinderstampO =)

Oh and befor I take of I wanted to be so
brave as to show you what my poor desk looks like right now...lol

Oh yeah, and I didnt get a cricut for my birthday =(
But got so many other wonderful things =)
And I am saving up to get one =)

Well thats all folks =P

Wanna join me?
Email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
I promise I won't bite..... (hard) =P

torsdag 9. juni 2011

My birthday gifts =)

9 days and counting down =)

Today is my birthday.
OMG can you belive it...
I am 30!!!!!
Wow, I don't really feel a day over 20...lol
So I really wonder what this day might bring...lol
Tradition over here is that since I
am still unmarried, I will recive alot of pepper...lol
Well at least we will have loads to season the
food for my wedding...lol
If I get any at all that is.

Todays project is actually both for my birthday and my
fiances birthday yesterday =)

Saw these cute ones on Really Reasonable Ribbon's blog,
and had to try them. So this one is for me to wear today =)

And this one my fiance wore yesterday =)
Both has sentiments from KinderstampO's stamps =)

onsdag 8. juni 2011

10 days and counting down =)

Todays project is actually not so girly. It is for my darling
fiance whom has a birthday today.
So I had to make him a card =)
And I like how this one turned out =)

If you wanna join me on my quest.
Email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
And I will link to you and your project =)

tirsdag 7. juni 2011

11 days and counting down =)

And another simple project.
Feeling under the weather again.
Was sooo sure it had passed and then today..
Woke up with a sore throat =(
So not likeing it.
Praying that i will get well befor the wedding.
Loads of vitamin C, codliveroil, minerals,
and hopefully that will take care of it =)

So here is todays project.

Paper is from Panduro.
Punches by Marvy.
Stamps are Secret bird society by Kaiser Kraft.
And the sentiment is from KinderstampO.

Wanna join my countdown.
Email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com

mandag 6. juni 2011

12 days and counting down =)

Todays project is a birthdaycard for a coworker =)
Totally fell inlove with the Girlfriends Images and journaling notes from Crafty Secrets. There are sooooo many cool ones in here. And they can also be used for cards as I have shown here. And the journaling note I can use on a layout or a mini at a later time. Oooor in this case, since this post was made long befor it shows up on my blog I might already have used it...lol

Well enough about that.

Today is day 12 and noooooot long until I am a married woman.
I am both terrified and super happy.
What if I do something wrong.
Like step on my dress and fall flat on face =(
Nonononono don't think Lilli....don't think...lol

So hope you like my little card for today =)

And remember you can still jump aboard =)
Just email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
And I will gladly link to you and your project =)

søndag 5. juni 2011

13 days and counting down =)

Wow I am late today.
Was so sure I had today on autopost...lol
Oh well... It's sunday so I am excused =P

Todays project is simple yet I love the way these turned out =)

These are some birthday tags.
They are only 2x2 =)
The paper is from Panduro.
And the flower is from Iamroses
Sentiment from KinderstampO =)

Got the flowers from Jess, when she sent me my stamps.
And I totally looove them,
but I am hording them a little...lol =P
Specially the curly ones =)

lørdag 4. juni 2011

14 days and counting down =)


Only 14 days left.
Holy smokes. I am super exited and super freaked out...lol
Just soooo crossing my fingers that all comes together.
What if I make a mistake.
What if my hairdresser gets sick,
or my photographer doesnt show...
Yeah alot that I can worry about.
But I try to tell my self not to...lol
And it sorta sometimes maybe work...lmao =)
Well here is my project for today. =)

This project is entered into
Ett Trykk - Juni utfordring.
Simply Magnolia - Something with a heart.

And then I really want to show you all some
amazing giveaways =)

This one is over at Michelle's Scrap.. Go and check it out =)
But hurry hurry hurry =)

And this one is over at Really Reasonable ribbon.
WONDERFUL place =)

So that was my stuffs for today..lol
Wanna be displayed here?
Email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com

fredag 3. juni 2011

15 days and counting down =)

OMG can you belive it..........
I am sick =(
Only 15 days away from my wedding,
and 6 days away from my birthday.
I can hardly swallow,
it buuuuurns =(
Sosososo sad.
So got to go shopping for something to help me.

Todays project is for someone pregnant =)
Just had to color this one,
totally love this one.
Sentiment is from KinderstampO.

torsdag 2. juni 2011

16 days and counting down =)

Today I have a really fun countdown post for you all =)
My darling son is my guest designer =)
He has been busy crafting mine and my fiances
birthdaycards today.
And he totally agreed that he should
be todays post =)

Getting him hooked on vintage photo distress ink at
an early age is really important =)

And here is the choice of paper he did =)
And of course he totally agreed that KinderstampO stamps
was the best choice for a birthday sentiment =)

Busy coloring some of his fav. stamps.
Peachy Keen stamps =)
He has been even more exited when I recived the
Happy Lil' Bigger froggies than what I was.
He thought they were stinkin cool =)

And here is my proud guest designer with his finished
projects =) And the first thing he did after
I took the photo was go into his bedroom,
letting me and my fiance know NOT to come in...lol
He was gonna write on the inside of the cards =)

onsdag 1. juni 2011

17 days and counting down =)

So many non crafting projects these days.
But I guess thats what should be now so close to the day =)
Todays project is actually crafty,
but it is crafty for someone else =)

Cause I was at the hairdresser today.
And this is kinda what my hair is gonna look like on my weddingday =)
Totally love it =)
Gonna be a little bit cleaner, but like a princess =)

Got something you think might go with my countdown?
Email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
And I will link to you and your project =)