onsdag 30. mars 2011

Peachy Keen Sketch Challenge 48 =)

Decided to make a baby layout.
This was so much fun =)
Really enjoy making layouts, and hopefully
i stayed with the sketch somewhat for the
Peachy Keen Sketch Challenge =)

The full page =)

Some of the details in closeup =)

"Let's face it Friday" Challenge - Flower Power =)

Finally got to make my flower power project.
And OMG i loooove these stamps. So adorable =)

This is an altered little journaling book. Had alot of fun coloring the stamp.
The stamp is the PK-229 Funny Flowers =)
So adorable set.
Added some glossy accents to the petals of the flower =)
This is my entry for the Peachy Keen Let's face it friday challenge =)

And i just have to show you the other two ones i made as well =) And what the book looked like befor.

This is what the books looked like befor i had my go at them...lol

The book i made for my little boy. He is gonna use it as a diary =)

And the one i made for my dear fiance =) Not sure what he will use it for, as he isnt much of a writer. But maybe he can write his wedding speech in it =)

Amazing day =)

mandag 28. mars 2011

Thank You layout =)

I decided to do a layout.
Been having alot of fun making layouts and i just know this wont be the last..hehe
Already got five baby boy pages here ready to be decorated. =)
So hope you like this.
Might add pictures from the wedding on this one =)
Time will show. =)

Close up of the lovely paper =) Got this from my friend Gun-Britt.
Soooo love it.

Close up of the photoframe. Left one side open to stick photos in.
And decided to add the tags here. Tags can be used for journaling =)

Pretty little flower with a beautiful heart brad. And the Thank you banner =)

The whole page. All 12x12 of it.

Hope you like it =)

Suit and tie card

Just a little video of a card i made. Unfortunatly i didnt get to do a full tutorial for it since my darling cam just shut down =(
But i will do it the next time i make this card.
And i am sure it will be soon.
Tryed to at least show somewhat of how i made it =)

The tie card. Was fun to do the knot =) But wow...getting it to stick was hard...lol

Blue bowtie card. Really fun making these. They are easy to put together as well =)

Silver shirt and a pretty bowtie =)

lørdag 26. mars 2011

Movie night =)

After getting the word about nana we decided that today was gonna be a movie night.
To keep the thoughts away. And it sure did help.

But i have to say...
I was up until 5 o'clock last night...lmao
Was following Jess, KinderstampO's big release.
SOOOO much fun.
And she has come up with some amazing stamps.
So need to get me some.
I even got to follow her Ustream today as well.
And it is such a blast.
All of the people that was there are such wonderful people,
and no matter if you are new or old to crafting they
welcome you with open arms =)
I felt so blessed to be able to chat with this crowd =)
So go check out her stamps.
They are awesome.
And for you norwegian crafters that are seeing this,
she has a really low shipping fee for us.
Here is the store =)

And i even did my second layout while following the Ustream today =)
And did a couple of cards yesterday while following that Ustream.
So here they all are =)

The layout is 12x12. And i had so much fun. Didnt want to cover up the pretty
painting on it, so decided to keep it simple =)

Manly birthday card. My son thought it was so cool =) All coloring is done with Tim Holtz distress ink =)

And a not so manly birthday card...lol Colored the bear with distress ink. And the pink and brown background is just done with stamps =)

Hope you all like it =)

fredag 25. mars 2011

And its over...

I was thinking today to make a card.
A card for my nana.
Something to show that i am thinking of her.
Well about an hour ago i got the word that
she has finally found her peace.
I will miss her sooooo much,
but i am so happy she got to rest.
My mom told me it was very peaceful and
that they have taken alot of pictures.
So my card was made after i got word.

And I so want to thank each and every one of you for your kind comments and prayers, they have made it easier for me. And I am sure they have made it easier for my nana as well.

Warning... Long rak video =)

Just got word that the audio is messed up on this one. So I have redone it in and is uploading it right now. So soon there will be hopefully a proper one here =)

New video is up =) Hopfully this one has sound =)

But oh my goodness.
So much stuff.
Really cheered me up =)

torsdag 24. mars 2011

My very first...

Ok, since the word from home is nothing good. And I am so afraid of loosing her. So I can't sleep. I really should cause I have work tomorrow, but I am just sitting here waiting to hear anything.
Doesnt seem like she has the will to fight anymore.
And i can so understand.
She is tired and a part of me really wants Him to come releave her of her pain.
Cause it isnt fair she should be in any pain.
But then again i feel she is still so young.
Well if His will is that she shall not suffer any more, then that
is the right thing. If not then i am sure He will find a way to make it all better.

So to keep my hands busy, when my head is full. I decided to do something
I havent done yet.

So here is my very first layout....

So what do you think?

The layout is actually inspired by the lady we might loose soon.
She is a really strong woman, and has been fighting to stay on top for a long time.
She is truely a inspiration with her strenght.
I might add some metal photocorners when i get the pictures i want to add to it.
Cause i really do think i wanna make this with her,
and give it to my dad.

Well thats it for me today. Now i am gonna go try get a little sleep.

tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Pray with me...

First off i got to say, Thank God for crafting....
If i didnt have my crafting i would be loosing my mind right now.
My nana has fallen ill, and they predict she won't make it.
And i can't even be there for her.
I am so lost.
But I try to think that there is a reason and there is a time for everyone.
But it isnt easy.

So please pray for her.
I don't want to loose her so close to my wedding.
I really want to get to share that day with her.

mandag 21. mars 2011

Seriously.... TOTAL blue monday...

Ok seriously, enough is enough.
As I think i have told you my car died last week.
And I borrowed my sisters car....
Well this morning as I was off to work... the car DIDNT start.
Such bad luck.
I really can't belive it.
Oh well...
Enough sour's from me...lol
At least I got one positive out of this day,
I found a great store here, that ships......OMG fantastic =)
And i got to make a card, that i was drawing this weekend when we
were over at my moms. Cause i couldnt make anything so i started drawing them...lol

Here it is =)

The background was really cool, cause it is flocked...so cool =)

torsdag 17. mars 2011

RRRR Challenge #20 One for the boys theme =)

Had sooo much fun with this challenge =) Hope you like it.

Front of the album =)

First two pages.

Pages three and four with the O's =)

Five and six with the l and the !

Last two pages. Really think the rose makes it so pretty =)

Hope you like my album =)

onsdag 16. mars 2011

CTO Challenge #5 - New Arrival

I had a bunch of fun with this one.
Bought this stencil yesterday and it had a little dog on it.
So i decided to use it on the base of my card.
Well i messed up first, but thankfully the other part of my card
could go either on the top or the bottom so i just put it over the ruined one.
I used a dauber to sponge the dog onto the base using black soot distress ink.
And then i used the white gelly roller to add the text and some faux stitches =)
So this is a different kind of baby card,
and i think it turned out pretty good =)

Here is my card =)

tirsdag 15. mars 2011

Some norwegian candy =)

Found some norwegian giveaways. So cool.
So just had to share them =)

Some lace, flowers, glue dots, chipboard and more.

Kristins lille blogg. Candy goes until the 31th of March at 7 pm gmt+1

Some paper, brads and more =)

Ingers fristed. Candy goes until the 27th of March.

Some papers and her own stamps =)

Vibeke Spigseth Poppydesign. Candy goes until the 1th of April (And it aint a april fools)

Some wonderful paper she designed for Inkido =)

Somle litt. Candy goes until 20th of March.