tirsdag 31. mai 2011

18 days and counting down =)

Todays project is also a different one.
I just had to make this, when I found the cute guy in front =)

Had SOOOOO much fun making this.
Totally adorable the little guy in front =)
Might get some smaller flowers later on and fill out around the edges =)

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mandag 30. mai 2011

19 days and counting down =)

Todays project is TOTALLY different.
It is all about my wedding.
Or my wedding decorations =)
I have been trying to get these done for a long time now.
But I get bored and take a break... 2-3 week break =O
But now...
There is only 3 missing =)
So this is what I am doing today =)

These are small doilys, that is gonna be on the tables =)
Once I am done, I have made 32.
And then comes the =( Fun part =(
Fastening the ends.
On all of these and on the big one for our weddingcake.
Gonna show you all that one later on =)

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søndag 29. mai 2011

20 days and counting down =)

Todays project is a simple and quick one.
They came and picked me up after work yesterday,
for my bachelorette party.
And we had alot of fun =)
So today all things simple is good...lol
Gonna fix a picture of me later on. =)

So todays little thing is a bookmark.
This isnt a girly one cause it is for my darling son =)
We went to a fleemarket today,
and I found a book for him =)
So now he can use the bookmark when he starts reading it =)

Well thats all from me today..lol
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lørdag 28. mai 2011

21 days and counting down =)

Todays project is a mini exploding box.
I just had to try these out and they were so much fun.
And this box won't be fit to put photos in, cause
it is just to small.
But I am gonna make this into a baby card.
Cause I have some people I know that are expecting =)
So hope you like my project for today =)

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fredag 27. mai 2011

22 days and counting down =)

Todays project is a simple card.
Had to test out some of the new stuff I got,
and I have to say I am in loooove =)

This is a simple card.
With two different background pieces.
The ivory one is sprayed with my mix of
water, vintage photo distress ink and bronze perfect pearls.
Now I can make my own mists =)
And then...
The sentiment is one of the Grungy Inspiration by KinderStampO
And I have fallen head of heals in love with her stamps.
They are so perfect.
Buuuut my other half actually got to use them first =O=O=O
He made me a birthday card... IIIIKKKK OMG =)
Never thought that day would come,
where he... Out of boredom, made a card =) LOL
And the flowers are from Panduro,
and they are colored with perfect pearls and
the prrreeeeetty baby blue eyes magical mica from Lindys Stampgang,
that Jess sent me. Totally love this color =)

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KinderstampO haul =)=)=)

Another little haul video =)=)=)
Been waiting for this one, and OMG....
Go check out her stamps at KinderstampO.

torsdag 26. mai 2011

23 days and counting down =)

Todays project will be just a little sneaky peaky =)
Cause of drying time I won't be able to show the
whole thing today. But I will do a video and add onto
this post tomorrow =)

But todays project is a tagbook =)
Totally looooove working on this one =)
You will see why tomorrow =)

The picture is dark, cause if I used the flash it killed the writing =)
Since i couldnt use my normal photospot =)

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Just a little haul from me =)

Todays project will be coming soon.
Just been out all day, and got to finish the project =)

onsdag 25. mai 2011

24 days and counting down =)

Sorry for the late post today.
We have been at my moms, and they treated us to dinner =)
Yummi fish dinner for me =)
So todays post is a sign =)
It represents what I am feeling now.
As things a coming closer and closer...lol

So todays post is short and simple.
I need to head to bed, cause I am getting my hairextensions tomorrow =)=)=)
So I will do a photo of myself tomorrow,
if we get done.
But if not then the photo has to wait until friday =)

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tirsdag 24. mai 2011

25 days and counting down =)

And yet again... a card....lol

Todays card is another twisted easel card. Totally fallen in love with
these cards. Got to do some youtubing tonight
and find more ways of doing easel =)
As you might see if you click on my card I
am seriously struggling with my coloring.
Even when the image is embossed the black still bleeds =(

So question for you all,
pros and cons of copics and promarkers.
I have promakers myself, like them, but theres just something odd.
And with the price of promarkers over here,
copics would be SKY high for me...lol

Any tips and tricks on using promarkers?

Well if you wanna join me,
email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com.
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Oh and please leave me a note if you do send me a mail,
as google can be veeeery kind and send stuff to my junkmail
without even letting me decide...lol

mandag 23. mai 2011

26 days and counting down =)

Todays project is a twisted easel card.
And it is another take on sweet Jess at KinderstampO's sketch =)
Totally fallen in love with this sketch and love the way it looks =)

Today has been a buhu day.
I went to the dentist...
I do not at all care for the dentist.
And specially not today.
It has now been 10 hours and it still hurts =(
I cry my eyes out every time I go there,
and yes I aint afraid to say I am almost 30 years old and
EXTREMLY afraid of the dentist and needles.

Well thats enough buhuing for today...lol
See you all back here tomorrow =)

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søndag 22. mai 2011

27 days and counting down =)

Todays project is another Pringles box.
This one is painted with acryllic paint,
then I used some decoupage glue to add some paper
and the organza =)
The picture and the sentiment is from Crafty Secrets...
Totally love this one =)

And here is one from My 3 e scrapbooking =) Totally georgeous =)
Of course google wasnt kind to me and this one ended up in my junk mail.
But I found it and it is now here =)
So jump on over and check out the blog, great work =)

Wanna join me.
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lørdag 21. mai 2011

28 days and counting down =)

Todays post will be a short one.
Not in a blogging mood today =(
Miss my other half alot and he only left yesterday.
But I do not care for being alone...lol
Well enough about that.

Todays project is from KinderstampO.
Jess makes sketches and then she has a linky for us to show our take on it.
So this is mine.
And as many of the others lately, the sentiment spot is empty.
But it will have a sentiment when they get here...hehe

So jump on over to KinderstampO and show your take on the sketch =)

And as always if you wanna join me,
leave me a note on my email l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
And I will happily link to you and your project =)

fredag 20. mai 2011

29 days and counting down =)

Today is a lonely day =(
My darling fiance left on a weekend trip,
and me and my son are home alone.
Really funny how fast you can miss someone.
And I know for sure I will feel lonely when I go to sleep tonight.
But thankfully he will be back sunday =)
And hopefully the weekend goes by quickly =)
As we are gonna go visit my sister tomorrow.

Well for todays project there are some bookmarks.

These are for now without a sentiment, cause I am gonna use
the KinderstampO sentiments on these as well =)
Was so afraid that they had gotten lost,
but noooo.
Jess had some other plans.
She has made something for me, and I am soooo excited =)
Well for these bookmarks I just cut two 2x5 pieces of cardstock,
glued them together and started decorating.
On the flower ones I used Dusty Concord and
Vintage Photo distress ink by Tim Holtz.
On the Tilda one I only used Vintage Photo.
The flowers are from a set by Panduro.
Tilda stamp is bought at Tre'l in Bodø =)
Used glossy accents from Ranger on all of the flowers =)

These bookmarks are entered into a contest over here at Ett trykk =)

Hope you like it =)

And if you wanna join me on my quest, feel free to email me at
l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com and i will happily
link to you and your project =)

torsdag 19. mai 2011

30 days and counting down =)

Ok 30 days left and my second day on this blogging quest =)
And I have to say so far so good.
Actually learned something new about my blog as well today...lol
Been seeing people adding posts that didnt go up until a certain
date, and couldnt figure out how on earth that happened.
Buuuuut today I finally figured it out =)
So if I know I will have a busy day some of the days
of this blogging quest, then I can make my post the day
befor and scedule it to post the day after... YAY =)

Well enough about this silly girl learning new things...lol
Here is my project for today.

This is a clutch card I have made to enter into
the Simply Magnolia Challenge =)
Simply Magnolia was earlier Nederlandse Magnolia Challengesblog.
But the lady that had it couldnt devoted the time
she wanted to so she passed it on.
And it is now situated in UK =)
So this is my giftcard purse/bag =)

Hope you like it.

And remember... Wanna join me on this quest,
feel free to email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
And I will happily link to you and your project =)

onsdag 18. mai 2011

31 days and counting down =)

OK first of OMG!!!!!
Only 31 days left until I am a married woman.
So I have decided to do a little countdown here on my blog.
I will try (and yes I say try, due to alot left to plan) to post a new project on my blog every day until the day befor our wedding.
These projects will be girly, pink, bridal, love or wedding related.
That will be up to what mood I am in,
but for this there will be no guys stuff.
This will be all for me =P
And with things I like =)

And if anyone wants to join me, feel free to email me
at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
And I will link to you for that days post.

Unfortunatly due to the big expences that a wedding is,
this won't have any blogcandys.
But maybe one day after the wedding a candy will show up on my blog =)

So for todays post here is my little girly card.
And the sentiment will be added when I get my KinderstampO stamps =)

And as well the 9th of june is my 30th birthday. So that post will for sure be something birthdayish =)
If there are any other with this date or any of the other dates,
shout out to me on my mail and I can link you for that day =)

Hope you will enjoy these girly inspiration days =)

tirsdag 17. mai 2011

Some norwegian blogcandy =)

And you have to join in by the 17th of june =)
How cool is that.
I am soooo crossing my fingers that my name gets pulled =)
Since I am getting married the day after...lol

Jump on over to Vibeke to join in =)

fredag 13. mai 2011

My fiance's mini album and a little haul =)

And thats what I feel up to doing today. Been cleaning the house after work, and now I am totally pooped...lol

onsdag 11. mai 2011

CTO Challenge #13 - Wedding (Must use ribbon) =)

Since blogger totally messed up my post, then i just had to edit this one
to add the photo back on here. Cause it does not seem like they are gonna
redo my post at all.
Been trying to get an answer out of them for 3 days now and still nothing.
But here is my creations.
This is a little journaling book that our wedding guests can write in =)
And there isnt much ribbon, but there is a little ribbon bow.
And it didnt state how much ribbon i needed...lol
This is for the Celebrate the occasion challenge =)

søndag 8. mai 2011

My Pink Stamper National Scrapbook Day Challenge #11

The only one of the challenges over at My Pink Stamper that I decided to
do =) Had a bunch of fun, but been a wee bit blank today...lol
Might it be to much scrapping yesterday...lol

Well this is it =)

This one will be for my little sister.
She has her birthday in august, and I found that i could do this one now =)
Sentiment will be added when I get my little package from the states....
Sooooooo crossing my fingers it will be here tomorrow =)

Then I can have something to look forwards to when I get home
from the hospital.
They are gonna check out the lump in my neck tomorrow.
So crossing my fingers that it isnt anything bad.
Don't really think I want to know if it is anything bad,
specially now. Only a month and 10 days from my weddingdate.
Well I am sure it aint anything =)

My Pink Stamper National Scrapbook Day Challenge #8

And this I think will be my last one for today.
As the time over here has now gone to almost 1 in the morning =)
But oh my so much fun =)
Loving this and sooo gonna do more tomorrow =)
But here is my summer themed entry for
the 8th challenge at My Pink Stamper.

This is a cookie box that I have painted and just decorated =)
Some of the glue is still wet but I think it all turned out pretty =)
The black background gives a different view of it all =)

lørdag 7. mai 2011

My Pink Stamper National Scrapbook Day Challenge #7

Having soooo much fun with these challenges over at
My Pink Stamper. So joined in yet another one.
This was just soooo perfect.
Gave me a kick in the behind to get this page done.
Still got some more that I am making, but
not really sure how I am gonna do them yet.
This is for a good childhood friend of mine,
that is having a baby =)=)=)=)
Was so happy when she told me, I even started crying at work...lol

Well here it is =)

Totally over happy that she is having a baby and sooo happy I am so privileged
that I get to make things for her =)

Hope you like it =)

My Pink Stamper National Scrapbook Day Challenge #6

And i decided to join in another on of the challenges over
at My Pink Stamper.
Getting to show of alot of the wedding stuff now.
And totally loving it.
Wasnt gonna asemble these until the day befor the wedding,
but decided that it would be perfect for this challenge.
Even tho my writing stinks i really do love how these turned out =)
The little tag with the heart on, might be getting a little bit more,
once i get my little package from the states =)=)=)
Time will show =)

And I just noticed that my lighting is horrible =(
But oh well, this is it =)

My Pink Stamper National Scrapbook Day Challenge #5

Here is my entry for the fifth challenge over at My Pink Stamper =)

This is a cardstock frame that i have painted with acryllic paint, then i used my beloved distress ink in vintage photo on it and coated it with decoupage glue to seal it all.
The i added a simple flower with a brad in the middle, and a pretty little butterfly to make it special =)
This frame is what i am gonna use to put a picture of me and my little sister,
she is my bridesmaid =)

So now i do really hope this flower and butterfly is 3-d enough =)
And it is a anything but project =) As it is a frame and not a card or a layout =)

søndag 1. mai 2011

Why I give you a hug =)

As some might have noticed on the few comments that i have found time to leave these last two weeks or so.
I always leave you my hug =)
Well I really want to explain why I decided to do this,
and maybe in the prossess inspire someone else to do the same =)

So this hug goes out to you all.
And here is the story behind my hugs.

I have always been a person of many feelings,
and I always show them off very easily.
So this hug is just me giving you one,
cause you never know when you might come across someone
that really really needed that hug.
Now I'm not saying go hug every person on the street,
as that would not be a safe thing to do.
But online you can always easily give away one of
your viritual hugs.
And always ALWAYS keep a hug close by,
cause you never know when someone you know might need
one from you.
And there is always warmth and love behind my hugs,
viritual or real life they still mean alot.
And giving them to all of you is my way of saying
My hug for you means I care =)

So biiiiiiiig hug to all of you out there =)

Feel free to borrow my hug and pass it on.