tirsdag 25. september 2012

A tiny update =)

CAUTION: Picture heavy post!!!!! 

We might be moving....... Time will show if it happenes or not, kinda starting to wish that we will. Cause it would give more stability in our lives =) But enough about that... Wanted to come and show you lot the seatingcards for my babygirls christening and some other things =) 

I also made the cake for her =) 
Next cake I am gonna make will not be with fondant...
I struggled soooo much to get this right.

And here is a fun little fruit salad I made for dessert 

Her cupcakes... And these I am so darn proud of, I managed to make yummi Red Velvet cupcakes =)=)=) 

We had a wonderful day and I am so proud of my darling boy, he stood up during dinner and told everyone how proud he was of his little sister and how much he loved her and how pretty she is =)