mandag 31. januar 2011

Last one in january 2011 =)

I went shopping.
Got some money today that i didnt think i was gonna get.
So just had to get a few things.
Some of it is actually gonna get used for a gift =)

Hehehe i couldnt help myself....
And i am so HAPPY i couldnt.
Simply love this haul =)

Oh and here is the finished project i promised to post a photo off =)

Really love how this turned out.
And the girl is the same one as i used in my blinkie and header.
She is picked up at Bodils Scrappeverden =) This is a norwegian lady =)

This one is entered into Paper Playtime's Ch #36 January's Digi Monday =)

Signs for aunties little girls =)

Ok i had two mini album pages that was with a different
style then the albums i have done.
So i decided to make signs for my sisters little girls =)
So just wanted to quickly befor bedtime share theese with you all =)

This is the one i did for my sisters oldest. She started school this year =) Aunties big girl =)

And this one is for her youngest. Love theese girls so much =)

søndag 30. januar 2011

Fixed my blog today and a blinkie =)

Been working on my blog today.
Made a new header and a blinkie =)
The girl is from Bodils Scrappeverden, a norwegian site =)
I am not pleased with the blue on top of the banner, but
can't figure out how to remove it.
Gonna get this fixed up properly one day,
so for now. This is what i have =)
All I am missing now is my siggy =)

Giveaway =)=)=)

The Cricutologist over at Cricutology is having a 200 followers giveaway.
So be sure to jump on over to her blog and follow her.
You won't be sorry =)

Feeling green =P

Ok today i did my first try with assembling a card on cam =)
Went But nothing compared to all of you guys =)
So if you have any tips to editing my videos i would love to hear it.
So here is my video...hehe

And as i promised i here have the card all done.
The Friends is from EK success Disney stamps.
Love theese stamps.

Oh and my picture came out really dark today. Trying to work out the best way for taking them. Still need to work on it tho =)

So any ideas for how i can edit my videos and any tips to me filming them
will be noted and tested =)

And thank you so much to Abusybee - Doubleclick connections for pointing me in the direction of Frosted Designs.
I have now added this to their monochromatic challenge =)

lørdag 29. januar 2011

Wedding mini album with what i got from Janet. =)

A bit of a video heavy post here. Had to divide my video up into three so it wouldnt be so horribly long =)
Well here are my videos =)

The first wedding mini i did. Finally finished it.
Came out ok, not perfect but ok.
Gonna be fun adding photos to it later on =)

This is the second wedding mini. I used what i got from Janet over at Paperhoot =) And i
loooooooooove how it came out. I also used some flowers from my own stash,
but mostly everything is from Janet.

And here is a video of the card i posted yesterday,
just felt like
So i did and here you see what i talked about.

Really do not like how i sound, but thats ok. My boss says i have
a perfect phonevoice so i try to belive
And as well i have found that if the mic on my cam isnt facing me,
then i sound muffled and it sound like i have a really deeeep voice.
So i am gonna have to live with having my face on cam until i cam
afford a new cam =)

Just a quicky =P

Just a quick card today =)
Been working on my second wedding album, using only what i got
from Janet over at Paperhoot =)
And i am soooo pleased with how it is turning out.
Will do a video tomorrow of the album.
And show you the first one as well.
Used some of what i got from Janet in that one too, but not much.
Well here is my card =)

Cardbase is..... Stampin up 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
Then i did a white cardstock at 5 1/4 x 4
And two designpaper pieces (Yeah i finally understand why it is called I got sooo much scraps now) well the pieces are 5 x 1 3/4 (hope thats correct)
The rose is a stamp from Morehead... Got to say if anyone is thinking of buying Morehead stamps, the photopolymer isnt the best so be aware that you might have to give it alot to get a good stamped image. But they are soooo adorable.
Ribbon is some cheap ribbon i bought the other day.
Works nicely for this card tho =)

fredag 28. januar 2011

I got a gift =)=)=) And a craft space =)

The bfor picture of my craft space =)

My darling fiancee is assembling my room divider =)

The love of my life assembling my desk =)
I looooove him so much =)

And here is a video of my gift from Janet over at Paperhoot =) And of my craftspace =)

And here is a video of the mini album i made for my little sister and a little haul from today =)

torsdag 27. januar 2011

As i said... I'm a crybaby...

Today has been the best day for about a year now =)=)=)
First off my fiancee got some extra money today that
we did not even know was coming.
So now we are at full speed setting up my own little
crafting area in our bedroom =)=)=)=)

And i have been crying my bit today....
You'll never guess why =)
It is happy tears tho =)

Okok i will tell you.
I got the most AMAZING gift in the mail today.......
My darling friend Janet over at Paperhoot said she was
gonna send me some paper and she also said some embelishments and diecuts.
Well much to my BIG surprise the package that i went to
pick up at the postoffice was filled with LOVELY stuff =)
I have been like a little kid at work waiting to get home so i could
have a look at what got here.
And OMG............
Well enough for now. I am gonna do a video of it tomorrow for you,
and yes i will do my very best not to

So.... If I could i would thank you from the bottom of my heart Janet,
but for you my heart has no bottom.
I can't wait to show you all what she sent me =)

onsdag 26. januar 2011

tirsdag 25. januar 2011

Peachy Keen Sketch Challenge 44 =)

Create a card or layout based on the SKETCH provided TWIST
Use a monochromatic color scheme
What exactly is monochromatic? Using tints and shades of the same color. (i.e. if you choose "red", you must use red, pink, light pink, medium pink, etc.) Black and white will also be allowed! C'mon, it will be fun and SUCH a challenge!

This was soooo much fun.
I really tryed to stay within the rules and i really hope i did =)
Cardbase is 6x6
First layer patterpaper is 5,5x5,5
Medium pink patternpaper is 5,5x2,5
Light pink patternpaper is 5,5x2
Sentiment is from Crafty Secrets, Chandelier Fun.
Heartborder is individually punched hearts that i added one by one.
Ribbon is from Panduro's valentines ribbon.
Flower is actually a decorations flower =)

She thought of me =)=)=)

I am sitting here with an amazing feeling =)
My WONDERFUL friend Janet at Paperhoot thought of me for this amazing blog award.
She is just such an amazing person and anyone who knows her
is really really lucky.
I have only known her online for a short while now but
i don't even want to think about not knowing her.
She brightens up your day any day.
So jump on over to her at Paperhoot and have a look at her blog =)

Ok so for reciving this award i have to do a couple of things. I need to state 3 things that make me different from everyone else, and nominate 5 other bloggers to receive the "My Blog has Attitude Award."

1) I have ADHD, with depression and angsiety. This is a difficult thing to live with and i am constantly scared of having a fall back of my depression.
2) I am a crybaby. I cry when i am sad, happy, angry and so on. I even cryed when i got this award from the wonderful Janet.
3) I would love to open my own crafts store, and live off of doing what i love to do. Crafts =)

Ok now i have to pass this on to 5 wonderful girls....let's see =)

1) Erin - A Girl And Her Craft Box
2) Runnergirl Creations
3) Adeline Ng - My Crafty Mind
4) Pookie - Scraptaculardesigns
5) Karen - Karen's Creative Ramblings

Now it's your turn to pass the award (doing the same thing I've done here). You should also display the Blog Award Badge in your sidebar (you can copy and paste it and link it back to me).
Congratulations to all of you!!

AMAZING giveaway....

The Sweet Magnolia Rose is having an AMAZING giveaway as the
celebration of her Grand Opening. Stop on over at
Sweet Magnolia Rose and have a look.
It is well worth it.

Here is a picture of her giveaway =)

So in case you forgot where to go =)


mandag 24. januar 2011

The Pink Stamper Birthday challenge =)

Since it's Robyn's birthday the theme of the challenge is
birthday =)
So i went shopping............
Yeah yeah yeah i know, i confess =P
I just had to get some bigger cardstock for the card i did for the
challenge, and ended up with a paperpack and some ribbon as well... OHHHH my =)
But really love it tho.

Ok here is my card:

Cardbase is 6x6
Designpaper is 5,5x5,5
Then i cut out a piece of the designpaper and stamped a birthdaygirl
and her cake
. Stamps are from Panduro. The dress is stamped on a
piece of designpaper with stazon then cut out.
Ribbon is from the new pack i bought today and flowers are from an
earlier buy. Added some bling to the flowers and to the table.
Sentiment is from Chandelier Fun from Crafty Secrets.

Really enjoyed this challenge. And take note, there are also other colors
than just

lørdag 22. januar 2011

"Let's face it Friday" Challenge - X's and O's =)

Just love getting to use my PKS =)

Here i have used:
Cardbase in grey cardstock: 10,5cm x 14,5cm
Pink heart designpaper: 10cm x 13,8cm
White flower designpaper: 10cm x 3,8cm
XOXO is printed at 2,5cm
Stamped with PK-560 =)

Blog Award =)

OMG I feel honored =) I was choosen for a blog award.
My VERY first award, really brought a smile to a sick girls face =)
So THANK you soso much Jessica. Check her out at her place here.

Hmmmm 8 things about me...
1.) Engaged to be married, big date is in june this year.
2. I spend according to my other half mostly all my time with something crafty in my hands =)
3. I have an 9 year old son, mom's little pride =)
4. I got the diagnosis ADHD, with depression and angsiety at the age of 26. And will have to say, due to really great people i do not have any issues with it at all. Apart from being able to
talk anyones ears Thats my hyperactivity, verbally hyper =P
5. I never leave the house with my Nikon D60. It's a passion of mine and I just need to know i can take a photo when i see something.
6. I am unfotunatly a impulsive person, which might end with some impulse buys that shouldnt have happened.
7. I hate not being able to stand on my own two feet. I am soon to be 30 and i still need help from my mom and dad. This pains me alot and i really hope i can find a way to get my loan so i can manage without their halp.
8. I really wish we could get a proper craft store where i live. Ohhh and i llllllooooovvvveeee following blogs. So much nice inspiration, and then of course i love getting comments =)

Well for choosing my 8 people to give this to i would have to start with:
1. My new friend Janet over at Paperhoot. =)
2. Carri over at DoubleClick Connection - aka Abusybee.
3. Courtney over at Krafty Keekerz.
4. Erin over at A Girl and her Craft Box.
5. Norma over at PinkBlingCrafter.
6. Jen over at Simple Chic Design.
7. Kim over at Scrapin Mom Of One Inspiring Little Boy.
8. And last but not least Candace over at Scrap A Dooble Dee.

And again a BIG thank you too Jessica =)

fredag 21. januar 2011

At home sick and thinking of a cricut...

I don't like being sick.
And today I had to go home from work, cause I am sick =(=(=(
Well I will probably not be crafing today. Might spend the day
play a little World of Warcraft.

But I just really wanted to ask you all one thing...
I AM going to get a cricut one day,
but what one should i get.
Been thinking about this for a while and I am
dead scared of getting the "wrong" one.
Cause I know for sure that i will be getting one and thats it.
This because money don't grow on trees,
I know...I

So whats your oppinion???

onsdag 19. januar 2011

Made by Momo Tuesday Challenge =)

Just had to participate in this challenge.
An excuse to use my disney stamps is always nice.
I just love coloring theese.
It seems no matter how i do it, they always come out really nice.
Theese and my Donald Duck ones will be used when i make
coloring books for my wedding.
So the kids can have something to do in church =)
Well here are my two card =)

Cardbase is 8x5 1/8 scored at 4
Pinkpaper is 4 7/8x3,6
Designpaper is 4 5/8x3,5
Watercolorpaper is 2 6/8x1,5
(I think i might be horrible at this way of measuring)
Designpaper is distressed with Vintage Photo distress ink.
Flower has some stickles on it. (Got to say i LOVE stickles, got my first one today)
Stamps are from EK success, Disney Princess. Snow White =)

Cardbase is 8x5 1/8 scored at 4
Pinkpaper is 4 7/8x3,6
Designpaper is 4 5/8x3,5
Watercolorpaper is 2 6/8x1,5
Designpaper is distressed with Vintage Photo distress ink.
Flower also has some stickles on it.
From the same stampset, Aurora =)

Now it is back to my CSI =) I am a crime series and movie addict.

Couple of pink ones =)

Sitting here with my foot up high,
got some muscle thing that i don't know what is.
But it sure aint any
Well i had to figure out something to do,
so i made a couple of card and a simple hairpiece =)

Base is 5,7x4,1
Designpaper is 5,5x2
Then the stamped area:
Color base is 3,5x2,5
Watercolorpaper is 3,2x2,2
Stamped flowers are from Morehead and the fairy is from Panduro.
My Friend is also from Panduro and is single letters put together =)

Here i tested out something new, sticky borders.
Didn't really come out the way i thought, but its ok =)
Stamps are Panduro.
Card base is 5,7x4,1
White cardstock is 5,1x1,5

And here is my hairpiece.
This is sprayed with glimmermist, and then i added
a bling in the middle.
Need to get me some bigger blings, cause then it will be perfect =)

Well now I'm gonna sit down and relax again.
Really hate how this foot is treating me.
But it will pass... Soon i hope =)

søndag 16. januar 2011

My wedding mini album =)

Sorry for such picture heavy posts. When i get the album all done i promise to
make a video with it instead... =)

Ok so i got my album started.
Did a few pages and this is actually really fun....
Afraid this might end up becoming a new addiction of mine.
My poor
Well here are pictures of the pages i have done.
And they aint anywhere close to as good as the ones i have seen online,
but hey... It's my very first try.
And I am really enjoying it =)

This is the front =) Really simple. Some room for a photo of us two =)

Page for the man in my life =)

Page for when we say I do =)

Here is a little book inside the album. Where people can write their wishes to us =)

First kiss as man and wife.

And here is the back of it. Well as you might notice i made a mistake with
But ok, first try so i think i am allowed some mistakes...hehe
Havent figured out what mistake i am talking about,
have a look at the designpaper... =)

We have been skiing =) Or kid has =P

This is quite picture heavy =)

Well we went over to my sisters today,
took the kids with us to the school and they got to skii =)
My little one was at times might mad,
cause there was to much snow so he kept
But it all got a bit better when we found an area where there was
no powdersnow on top =)
Well here are some pictures =)

My little one trying to go up the hill.
Sometimes it went perfectly and other times ummm he was

Here he is ready to set down hill =)

Ups... He fell down =(

And up again and off we go =)

WOPS.The bottom came really
This time he actually laughed.
But not the other times.

And i just have to show you all my lovely hot chocolate cup =)
I LOVE it.
Bought one for each of us,
and whenever we have hot chocolate theese cups are the only ones we use.