fredag 22. april 2011

Giveaway, callout and some cards =)

Today is just a little random one.
We have beautiful weather here now, and we
had a forecast of rain all easter.
But thankfully we at least have today with sun,
so we are gonna barbaque today =) Weeee =)
Well now to the real purpose of this blog post.

First off....
When you are done here....
Head on over to MY PINK STAMPER............. She has an AMAZING giveaway!!!!!

I am decided to do a call out to the "june"girls.
I was chatting on InkingItUp a while ago and there
was quite a few of us born in june.
And we just quickly chatted about doing something for june.
Well due to my crazy scedule this last weeks I
have not been able to get on the chats and am now gonna
try to get a hold of the "june"girls =)
You can find me on facebook =) Just send me a pm there,
if there is still an interest of planning something =)

And last but not least =)
Some cards I have done these last days and just
havent gotten around to posting due to other post
getting prior over these =)
These are for something called a confirmation.
It is like a second christening as a teenager.
And this happens around the beginning of may each year.
So i decided to do some cards for this =)

For all these cards I have used:
Background paper is from Papirdesign, paper is called Ukjente Stier (Uknown roads) =)
Totally love their papers. Have another one called Sommerdag (Summers day) that is totally adorable. Just got to find the perfect thing to make from it =)
Then I have used Magnolias Tilda, two different ones.
Both the lace and the ribbon is from Panduro.
And also the flowers and brads =)
And the sentiments are just letters from Panduro that i put together to
say what i needed it to say =)

Hope you like it.
And if you are one of the "june"girls that i talked to,
feel free to call out to the rest of them =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kor fin di va di kortan,du har verkeli dreisn på de der... trur du du kuin ha laga et par kort før mæ vest du har ti og overskudd??? Klæm Gun-B..

  2. These are so sweet! I love all those images and what you have done with them! They are beautiful confirmation cards! I was on that chat too but I also do not recall who the June bdays were! So sorry I can't help! I hope your Easter weekend is not too rainy! We are getting rain here too but at least everything is green outside! Have a wonderful Easter!


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