søndag 10. juli 2011

Trykkpressa- Juli

A norwegian challenge on Ett Trykk=)
Was looking around on what to make for this,
since it was a fold challenge.
And I have done some trifolds,
but wanted to do something new.
So found this on Love to crop!
Totally love it,
but know for sure not to use this heavy
paper the next time.
It turned out pretty good, and mighty cute =)
But it was a little bit of a struggle =)

So this is it =)

The pretty purse all folded up =)

And here it is open.
Havent added anything to the inside,
cause I dont have anyone to give it to yet.
So keeping it ready to add something to fit
anyone of my friends =)

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  1. What a nice puse, love the folding! Thank you so much for participating at Ett trykk, have a lovely summer!


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