lørdag 3. desember 2011

Just a little RL update =)

I am still here, just SUPER busy for the holidays.
Cakes to bake and house to clean. Stress.....
But wanted to come on and show you all
that I have a little bit of a babybelly to show off =)

Really feel like I am eating to much cake =P
Well not really..hehe
And on wednesday we are having our ultrasound =)
Can't wait.
We have decided to know the gender this time =)=)=)
I am pretty sure it's a girl tho,
cause this pregnancy is so unlike the one with my son.

Well thats all, now back to our movie =)

3 kommentarer:

  1. How fun to have an ultra sound!!! When I had kids, they only did it if there was a possible problem. I told my daughter that when she was pregnant and she was shocked. She could not imagine preparing for a baby without knowing what you were having, lol

  2. So Sweet! Pink or blue may your dreams come true!


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