torsdag 25. april 2013

For Baby =)

Be WARE... Picture HEAVY

My "sister" (very good friend) had
a babyboy not very long ago.
And I made this diapercake for her
and the little bundle of joy.
Added to the diapercake is
a minialbum and a card I created.

Here is the diapercake I made.
It has alot of things on it.
It also has a crochet monsterhat
that I made for the little boy.
And a pair of booties I crochet for him.

Here is the minialbum I made.
I used some KinderstampO products,
and some I Am Roses flowers.

And last but not least the card =)
Really pleased with this,
it is simple but I think it turned out so pretty.
and some Lindys Magical Mica =)

Hope you like my project =)

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