tirsdag 21. mai 2013

Just some projects in the works and upcoming ♥

OBS: Picture heavy post ♥

First off I got my work in progress =P
This is my Prima Pixie Glenn minialbum.
It is taking me longer than I thought,
simply cause I havent been able to afford
getting all the supplys I need =P
But things are looking up.

Then there are these two =)
The top one is a lampshade for a ceiling lamp,
one of those you have hanging over your diningroomtable =)
The bottom one is the tabletop lamp of the
same serie.
These are both gonna be painted white and made
vintage shabby chic =)
I also have some small windowlights in the
same serie, I just have to find them =P

And last but not least:
These are the windows I am gonna alter....
The top one is a biiiig window,
measuring 90cm x 130cm
The bottom ones are only
around 40 cm x 120 cm =)
I cant wait to get started on these projects.
But I have to wait until july.
Thats when we know what we can afford...lol
Fingers crossed hubby gets all the work he wants ♥

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