onsdag 23. februar 2011

Double Tri Shutter Album tutorial =)

Since my darling friend Janet really wanted me to do a tutorial on this TriShutter Mini album. I decided since this is the videos I used to get into the whole Tri Shutter thing then i would feature these instead =)




The olny thing i have done different, is... On my last album,
my blue one.
I decided to make the papers for decorating a bit bigger, and then just cut them to size as i
fitted them to my album.

My measurement on that album is:

2 pieces 4x6
2 pieces 2x6
4 pieces 2x3
1 piece 4x6 This is the center one inside.
4 pieces 1,5x4
2 pieces 3x4
8 pieces 1,5x2
And my front piece is 4x5

Hope this gets you on your quest to make this album Janet =) Luvs ya =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for providing a tutorial on how to make your amazing tri-shutter albums! I must give it a try a.s.a.p.
    Things have been so hectic here since we are re modeling the guest bathroom, I haven't had a chance to craft anything in a week!! ugh!
    I can't wait to get into my craft zone!!

    Hugs! XoXo

  2. Its stunning..!!! awesome colors...thanks for sharing.... HOW can i make my own Plastic business cards


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