onsdag 2. februar 2011

My moms mini and a little thing for my son =)

The video of my moms mini, made it for mothersday.
And that is coming up soon =)
Only a little over a week left....
Got my fingers crossed that I'm getting some craftstuff from my fiancee and
my son. Been asking for some Magnolia stamps. =)
Well here is the little project i made for my son =)

A little sign for his chores and rules =)
The white thing hanging off it, is a day by day form.
Where he can put and x when his chore is done =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. the chores sign is super cute!! Maybe I should make one for myself...that way chores won't seem so blah! heehee
    The album is beautiful!! Your mom is so lucky.
    TFS =)



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