fredag 11. februar 2011

OMGoodness... The cold is so ummm...cold =(

Sitting here in my craft space trying to get through
some blog hops. And let me tell you... It is FREEZING outside =(
I do not care for cold much and now that my son needed the
heater for his room i have picked up my blanket to try to stay warm.
And eating kiwis to get all the good vitamins from it =)
We have around 5 farenheit here now and it is snowing heavily outside and a
horrible wind as well.
And that makes it even colder cause of the wind.
I am use to having about 5 farenheit outside every day,
but today was so much worse cause of the wind.
Thankfully i can stay inside since all shopping for the weekend is done.
All i have to do is drive to visit my mom on sunday,
since it is mothersday in Norway on sunday =)

Here is a little mothersday card i made
for my sons grandma =)

The image is a digital stamp from Create with tlc.

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