mandag 21. mars 2011

Seriously.... TOTAL blue monday...

Ok seriously, enough is enough.
As I think i have told you my car died last week.
And I borrowed my sisters car....
Well this morning as I was off to work... the car DIDNT start.
Such bad luck.
I really can't belive it.
Oh well...
Enough sour's from
At least I got one positive out of this day,
I found a great store here, that ships......OMG fantastic =)
And i got to make a card, that i was drawing this weekend when we
were over at my moms. Cause i couldnt make anything so i started drawing

Here it is =)

The background was really cool, cause it is cool =)

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  1. You did an awesome job drawing. Sorry about your transportation.


Sooo you jumped to give me a comment... YAY!!! I totally love all your comments, they surely brighten my day, no matter how dark it seems. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You rock!