onsdag 2. mars 2011

No crafts today..

Today is a horrible day, that if anyone wants to they can throw it as far as they are able to... We got word on monday that our loan had gone through... Well today the bank could tell us that they had made a mistake and that the loan didnt go through. So now YET AGAIN all wedding plans and all is put on hold.
I hate living right now....
Sometimes i just wish that i could see some of that wonderful american action,
like Oprah giving out this and that or Martha Stuart giving her punches to all her audience. Well that doesnt happen here..
And there isnt anyone to catch you when you fall and struggle to get up.
There is no Ty Pennington to build you a house or a Ellen DeGeneres to make you smile.
I have been crying so much, there just isnt anymore tears left.
I had a hope that with this loan going through we could finally get everything sorted and start thinking of maybe having a honeymoon.
Cause i really really really want to go meet my wonderful friend Janet.
She has to be my Oprah or my Ellen, cause she always has a great comment at hand to lighten my day, no matter how dark it might seem.
And one day I WILL meet her.

Well that is enough sad talk for today...
Maybe when my mood changes again i might be able to get a little bit of crafting done.

Hugs from

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  1. Oh sweetie - I am soooo sorry. Sounds like you could use lots of hugs and prayers. I can only send you cyber hugs but I can pray for you for real so I am. I hope things look up for you soon.

  2. :o( Don't worry babe, things will surely get better. I know you are bummed out about the loan news, but don't give up hope!! Not everyday in life can be sunny, sometimes we have to face problems we wish to avoid, but you must be strong, face difficulties & find ways to improve the situation. I know it's not easy, but giving up should NEVER be an option! Think positive & pray. Let out your frustrations by communicating with your fiance, mom & sister, don't hold things on your shoulders! There is still time until June, start saving $$ for the wedding (no more craft supplies shopping!!) and hopefully in the coming weeks you will have a resolution.
    If I can be of ANY help, email me!! Don't hesitate! That's what friends are for!!

    Love ya girl! Stay strong & think positive <3

  3. AWWW, Hang in there sweetie! Those randoms good deeds from Oprah and MS etc are a one in a million chance! You have to make each day what you want it to be and remember that EVERYTHING happens for a reason! Stay strong and don't forget all the wonderful things that you do have!
    Hugs and thoughts to you my friend!

  4. Hey girl. Life gets hard sometimes, and I don't want to push my beliefs on you, in case they aren't your own, but God can take those burdens from you. Please pray about all of your worries and strife. I will pray for you too. Please also know that everything happens because there is a plan for your life. Good and bad things come along and they make you a better YOU. When things get tough, get ready, because something GREAT is on its way for you!!! Ok, I'm done preaching, I can't help it, my husband is one!!! Hugs to you, dear friend. You've got lots of people pulling for you. ;)


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