torsdag 3. mars 2011

Tiny bit of crafting today

I was so unlucky to twist my neck this morning,
and now I am stuck with a neck that can only move to one side.
Went to the ciropractor on a emergency appointment and he was shocked
at what a horrible condition my back and neck
Tryed to tell him i knew and that i was in a car accident as
a kid and thats why, but don't know if he fully understood.
I have lived with my pain for many years and they are so familiar to me
that i dont notice that they are there anymore...lmao.
But the neck became a problem,
so now i have been told to stay home from work (and i feel horrible for the others at work) and as well i aint allowed to drive =O=O=O=O
Well he hoped that it would be better by saturday,
so hopefully i can return to work then and be able to drive on sunday
to pick up my little boy...
Cause he is gonna get to go in an airplane... for the first time in his life...
And mommy aint there to hold his hand =(
Well he is sure looking forwards to it... But mommy
Ok thats enough chatter from

Box is made from a 12x12 piece of cardstock. And scored at 3 on all sides.
Then i just glued it all together and added some of the flowers i had punched out.
And whe i was finished with that i figured that it looked kinda boring,
so i added some peachy keen faces. From the PK-560 and the Pk-570.
And i love how it turned out, it now holds some ribbon and other things that was just around in my craft space =)

Oh and i have one more question for you all....

We went out after my appointment and got some paper for my wedding invites.
And i just can't decide.
I am leaning a bit towards the yellowish colored ones,
but with added distress edges.
Since my wedding is kinda oldish based.
We are using pink, like aged pink and cream colors.
And the candles will be on old saucers with rose decor on them.
Sooo what do you all think?
Is the yellowish to yellow for me to use or can i?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey =) oh bummer about your neck! I hope you recover quickly, but for now take it easy & don't make any sudden moves ;)
    It's exciting your sonny boy is coming home this weekend, I always get lonely when my daughter is not here....even if she just goes to the mall with her girlfriends :-/

    Cute box! I must make one for all my loose items. Great idea :o)

    Wedding invite...I pick the white cardstock with vintage inking. I think it will make the pink 'pop'.

    Hugs! XoXo

  2. Great job on the box. It looks so cheery. So sorry about your neck. And safe flight for your son


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