mandag 30. mai 2011

19 days and counting down =)

Todays project is TOTALLY different.
It is all about my wedding.
Or my wedding decorations =)
I have been trying to get these done for a long time now.
But I get bored and take a break... 2-3 week break =O
But now...
There is only 3 missing =)
So this is what I am doing today =)

These are small doilys, that is gonna be on the tables =)
Once I am done, I have made 32.
And then comes the =( Fun part =(
Fastening the ends.
On all of these and on the big one for our weddingcake.
Gonna show you all that one later on =)

Wanna join my countdown quest.
Email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow! They look like a lot of work but beautiful! The small details are so worth it in the end! 19 days...YAY!!

  2. Super beautiful!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!


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