søndag 1. mai 2011

Why I give you a hug =)

As some might have noticed on the few comments that i have found time to leave these last two weeks or so.
I always leave you my hug =)
Well I really want to explain why I decided to do this,
and maybe in the prossess inspire someone else to do the same =)

So this hug goes out to you all.
And here is the story behind my hugs.

I have always been a person of many feelings,
and I always show them off very easily.
So this hug is just me giving you one,
cause you never know when you might come across someone
that really really needed that hug.
Now I'm not saying go hug every person on the street,
as that would not be a safe thing to do.
But online you can always easily give away one of
your viritual hugs.
And always ALWAYS keep a hug close by,
cause you never know when someone you know might need
one from you.
And there is always warmth and love behind my hugs,
viritual or real life they still mean alot.
And giving them to all of you is my way of saying
My hug for you means I care =)

So biiiiiiiig hug to all of you out there =)

Feel free to borrow my hug and pass it on.

1 kommentar:

  1. hey girl, sending you a biiiiiiiig hug :o)
    Hope you all are well.
    fyi turning 30 is a new chapter you will be entering, and I'm sure you will enjoy every moment!!Each year of life brings new lessons, joy, experience & memories. Enjoy them all, that's what life is all about :o)


Sooo you jumped to give me a comment... YAY!!! I totally love all your comments, they surely brighten my day, no matter how dark it seems. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You rock!