lørdag 21. mai 2011

28 days and counting down =)

Todays post will be a short one.
Not in a blogging mood today =(
Miss my other half alot and he only left yesterday.
But I do not care for being alone...lol
Well enough about that.

Todays project is from KinderstampO.
Jess makes sketches and then she has a linky for us to show our take on it.
So this is mine.
And as many of the others lately, the sentiment spot is empty.
But it will have a sentiment when they get here...hehe

So jump on over to KinderstampO and show your take on the sketch =)

And as always if you wanna join me,
leave me a note on my email l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
And I will happily link to you and your project =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. I know how you feel when You don't feel like blogging, lol. Seems most days I think 'uggg...I don't knwo what to write"! Your card is beautiful. So glad you posted it.


Sooo you jumped to give me a comment... YAY!!! I totally love all your comments, they surely brighten my day, no matter how dark it seems. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You rock!