lørdag 4. juni 2011

14 days and counting down =)


Only 14 days left.
Holy smokes. I am super exited and super freaked out...lol
Just soooo crossing my fingers that all comes together.
What if I make a mistake.
What if my hairdresser gets sick,
or my photographer doesnt show...
Yeah alot that I can worry about.
But I try to tell my self not to...lol
And it sorta sometimes maybe work...lmao =)
Well here is my project for today. =)

This project is entered into
Ett Trykk - Juni utfordring.
Simply Magnolia - Something with a heart.

And then I really want to show you all some
amazing giveaways =)

This one is over at Michelle's Scrap.. Go and check it out =)
But hurry hurry hurry =)

And this one is over at Really Reasonable ribbon.
WONDERFUL place =)

So that was my stuffs for today..lol
Wanna be displayed here?
Email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com

4 kommentarer:

  1. Okay your cards are so fun and...no matter what you worry about it wil all be just the way it should be and you will have a wonderful wedding day...REMEMBER: at some point in time to pull yourself and new husband to the side and look around the room and all the people who came to share the day with you and just smile and say this was all worth everything you did to get ready. Congrats

  2. Love your card...and don't be nervous it will all work out. Good luck and congrats on the big day!

  3. Mooie kaart, bedankt voor je deelname bij simply magnolia.
    groetjes Tessa & Anke

  4. Such a beautiful card. I love how you used the newspaper. Thanks for joining Trykkpressa.
    Hugs from Kristine :)


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