torsdag 2. juni 2011

16 days and counting down =)

Today I have a really fun countdown post for you all =)
My darling son is my guest designer =)
He has been busy crafting mine and my fiances
birthdaycards today.
And he totally agreed that he should
be todays post =)

Getting him hooked on vintage photo distress ink at
an early age is really important =)

And here is the choice of paper he did =)
And of course he totally agreed that KinderstampO stamps
was the best choice for a birthday sentiment =)

Busy coloring some of his fav. stamps.
Peachy Keen stamps =)
He has been even more exited when I recived the
Happy Lil' Bigger froggies than what I was.
He thought they were stinkin cool =)

And here is my proud guest designer with his finished
projects =) And the first thing he did after
I took the photo was go into his bedroom,
letting me and my fiance know NOT to come
He was gonna write on the inside of the cards =)

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