mandag 6. juni 2011

12 days and counting down =)

Todays project is a birthdaycard for a coworker =)
Totally fell inlove with the Girlfriends Images and journaling notes from Crafty Secrets. There are sooooo many cool ones in here. And they can also be used for cards as I have shown here. And the journaling note I can use on a layout or a mini at a later time. Oooor in this case, since this post was made long befor it shows up on my blog I might already have used

Well enough about that.

Today is day 12 and noooooot long until I am a married woman.
I am both terrified and super happy.
What if I do something wrong.
Like step on my dress and fall flat on face =(
Nonononono don't think Lilli....don't

So hope you like my little card for today =)

And remember you can still jump aboard =)
Just email me at l.a.nikolaisen at gmail dot com
And I will gladly link to you and your project =)

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