lørdag 1. januar 2011

Newyears first and already looking back =)

Ok my first post in the new year =)
Decided i would add some of the cards i am most
pleased with.
And keep in mind i am still fairly new to the whole thing.
This is really a long and pictureheavy post.
So here we go =)

Babycard from some friends. I did make one boy and one girl, but the boy one got a little bit messed up... And guess what, they had a girl... Fate?

This card was so much fun to do. Did clear emboss on the whole picture and then did glitter on it. Doesnt really show on the picture but it is really cool =)

I just adore this guy. He is so fun to do on a card. The writing says merry christmas in norwegian.

Birthday card for my sisters oldest daughter. Aunties "litamor" =) Disney stamps are so much fun to work with for kids.

Birthday card for my sisters youngest. Really love the way the lion came out. And i am now finding it easier to see how i can do things.

Simply LOVE the way this card came out. The kid looks terrified of the big football. My son hasnt seen his card yet and he wont get to see it until his birthday. Hopefully he will love it too =)

Another birthday card. Cant remember who this was for... lol Again i have used the disney stampset. Love it.

The birthday card for my dad. This guy is just adorable.

This birthday card hasnt been given to anyone, yet... But i think i have a plan for it.

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