tirsdag 4. januar 2011

Really really really annoyed...

So extremly annoyed... Bought some adhesive today,
and guess what.... After 5 minutes...it broke....grrrrrrrrrrrrr
And i really needed it for my sons birthday invitations.
So i had to try to fix it myself.
Well got it working but omg how much i hate that adhesive now.
Can't wait for the day when i can get a atg gun...
Well that might take years, since no one in Norway has even started thinking
about getting stuff like that here.
Would prolly cost a fortune if they did. ARGH!!!!
Well enough anger...lol
Added a little video to my youtube today.
A little haul today =)
And yes i sound weird...lol
Little sick and my voice is dark to being with,
so i sound really butch...hehe

Well here you go =)

Oh and here are my sons invitations =)
Really happy with the way they turned out.

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Sooo you jumped to give me a comment... YAY!!! I totally love all your comments, they surely brighten my day, no matter how dark it seems. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You rock!