søndag 16. januar 2011

We have been skiing =) Or kid has =P

This is quite picture heavy =)

Well we went over to my sisters today,
took the kids with us to the school and they got to skii =)
My little one was at times might mad,
cause there was to much snow so he kept falling...lol
But it all got a bit better when we found an area where there was
no powdersnow on top =)
Well here are some pictures =)

My little one trying to go up the hill.
Sometimes it went perfectly and other times ummm he was shouting..lol

Here he is ready to set down hill =)

Ups... He fell down =(

And up again and off we go =)

WOPS.The bottom came really quick...lol
This time he actually laughed.
But not the other times.

And i just have to show you all my lovely hot chocolate cup =)
I LOVE it.
Bought one for each of us,
and whenever we have hot chocolate theese cups are the only ones we use.

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  1. brrrrr.....that looks too cold for me!
    ....your boy is so adorable :o)


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