søndag 16. januar 2011

Signs for my lovely parents =)

MAde some signs for my wonderful parents.
They are just the best parents i could have ever asked for.
They are saving up some money for my wedding,
and a couple of days ago i got a txt from my mom.
Saying that she was now starting to transfer 350 bucks to my account
each month, cause she knew how hard we got it.
Belive me it helps sosososo much.
Living in Norway is expensive and yes some do have really great income,
but the prices are really high as well.
So the tears were pooring when i got that txt.
Well enough of my sobbing...lol

Here are the signs:

My dads sign.
Just took a mini album page that i had left over and used
cats eye ink to ink the whole thing.
Then added a poem and my dads name and some stars.
The ribbon is just some packaging ribbon =)

Did the same thing as my dads, just added flowers to my moms.
Flowers are sprayed with glimmermist.

I got to say, i do love glimmermist.
And as soon as i get to go to Bodoe again i am getting some more colors =)
Moved to a small place not to long ago and this place has so little
craftstuff. Maybe i need to get rich and start up my own =)

And i just have to show you this.
Some time ago i went outside to take a photo of the northern lights,
well no camerastand to keep my camera still made the photo not
to good, but just have to show you.
Northern lights are just so awesome.
When i get a stand for my camera i will be sharing better photos =)

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