fredag 28. januar 2011

I got a gift =)=)=) And a craft space =)

The bfor picture of my craft space =)

My darling fiancee is assembling my room divider =)

The love of my life assembling my desk =)
I looooove him so much =)

And here is a video of my gift from Janet over at Paperhoot =) And of my craftspace =)

And here is a video of the mini album i made for my little sister and a little haul from today =)

3 kommentarer:

  1. OMG(scream!!!) I LOVED your videos!! You are such a sweetheart!You made me shed tears!WTH hahah Great job on the craft space & I'm sure your sis will love the mini album.
    Great job Lilli!! (no, you don't sound funny!!)
    Enjoy your goodies & I can't wait to see what projects you will be sharing!

    HUGS!! XoXo

  2. That is so awesome!! A craft space--Beautiful mini I am sure your sister will love it

  3. Great craft space! Enjoy all your great goodies!


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