søndag 30. januar 2011

Feeling green =P

Ok today i did my first try with assembling a card on cam =)
Went ok...lol But nothing compared to all of you guys =)
So if you have any tips to editing my videos i would love to hear it.
So here is my video...hehe

And as i promised i here have the card all done.
The Friends is from EK success Disney stamps.
Love theese stamps.

Oh and my picture came out really dark today. Trying to work out the best way for taking them. Still need to work on it tho =)

So any ideas for how i can edit my videos and any tips to me filming them
will be noted and tested =)

And thank you so much to Abusybee - Doubleclick connections for pointing me in the direction of Frosted Designs.
I have now added this to their monochromatic challenge =)

4 kommentarer:

  1. So pretty! You should enter this over at frosted designs, the challenge is monochromatic!

  2. Very cute card. Thanks for playing with us at Frosted Designs.

  3. Beautiful card!! Nice job :)
    @abusybee, thanks for providing another source for card challenges =)

  4. So glad you joined us over at Frosted Designs! I love the stamp-like look to your card! I like the Disney stamps too!


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