lørdag 15. januar 2011

My Pink Stamper Blog Hop Challenge =)

Been a follower of My Pink Stamper for some time now,
and today she ran her very first blog hop.
And in it was a cool challenge for the ones that join in the blog hop.
I just had to join since i could do it this way.
I LOVE pink =)
And since i don't have any stamps of hers yet, due to financial stuff then
i had to go for pink.
Don't you understand what I'm talking about?
Then hop on over to My Pink Stamper, and follow the blog hop.
Then you will understand =)

Well here is my take on the challenge.
Hope you like it =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Cute sentiment to go with your chandelier! TFS :)


  2. Beautiful card and the sentiment goes perfectly with the card!! I'm now a follower and excited to see your upcoming projects!! I hope you can stop by my blog to visit:) Good luck on the challenge!!


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