tirsdag 11. januar 2011

Random ramblings and some signs =)

Just some random ramblings for today.
So annoyed and so grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....
There is ONE, just ONE thing i need right now from my scrapbooking.
Adhesive.... And guess what.... They are all sold out.
This just aint my month.

Well enough about that.

Been thinking about what i might need to get later on.
And i seriously need to get me some ribbon.
I only have a little and need more =)
One because the ones i have are grey and blue.
So i need to get me some more colors =)

Then i need to get me some congratulation stamps,
some happy birthday stamps. And some random sentiments.
Some cardstock and some designpaper.
I think that is all i got planned so far...lol
But knowing me right it will end up being more.

Well i want to show you some signs i made for my sister and her fiancee.
They got engaged the 12.12.10.
And knowing her right she thinks i forgot to congratulate her....LOL
I'm sneaky. =P
Cause as soon as she told me i started planning the signs for them =)
Gonna have to edit the photos out tho,
since they are not mine to share with all of you =)

This is hers. Take note of the placement of the heart =)

Her is his. As you see, when they are put together then the heart is one again =)
Or not really one, but they belong together =)

Hope you like it =)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Cute sign! I keep a list of my wants/needs and only get them when they are on sale!

  2. sweet signs!
    Are you a craft shopping addict like me?? I always seem to find excuses to stop and check my local craft stores hahaha


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