lørdag 22. januar 2011

"Let's face it Friday" Challenge - X's and O's =)

Just love getting to use my PKS =)

Here i have used:
Cardbase in grey cardstock: 10,5cm x 14,5cm
Pink heart designpaper: 10cm x 13,8cm
White flower designpaper: 10cm x 3,8cm
XOXO is printed at 2,5cm
Stamped with PK-560 =)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Aww so cute!! Love the PK stamps on the XOXO and love that heart paper!!! I better get working on mine:) You make really great cards!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  2. omg such a super adorable card!!! I love the faces!!
    another winner :o)

    sending hugs your way!!

  3. Hi, I totally love the sweet colours, and such an adorable card.

  4. I love the use of faces within the Xs and Os.


  5. Hi thanks for your comment on my card and by the way, I really like your card also. It to me a little bit to realise there was faces on your X's and O's. How cute.


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